Margarete Johanna Erna Völchner

Margarete Johanna Erna Völchner - my GrandMother

Born: 22 October 1903, Hamburg, Germany


  • Erwin Haase: 28 Jan 1884, Stettin, Preußen? - ?
  • Auguste Ida Mariane Marie Völchner: 24 Sept 1880 Tessin, Germany - 19 March 1954, Hamburg, Germany ?


  • Carl Friedrich Rudolf Haase ?: 22 April 1858, Hamburg, Germany - 8 March 1936 Hamburg, Germany
  • Auguste Schwarz ?: 23 April 1861, Hamburg, Germany - ?

Siblings: ?


Occupation: - ?

Died: 10 April 1977, Hamburg, Germany


Piecing Together Margarete Völchner's Life

Oops, I may have got dates wrong.

  • 1903 > Gretal (her nickname) Völchner was raised in Hamburg?
    1914 to 1918 - WII, Hamburg: because of the British sea blockade, which only came to an end in the middle of 1919, Hamburg's crucial port, was brought almost completely to a standstill.

Margarete Baingo

  • 1924, 22 October - Marriage: at circa 21 Gretal Völchner, married Erwin Robert Baingo
  • 1925, 28 March - Daughter: Gretal (Margarete) Baingo gave birth to my Mummy - Ursula Augusta Maria Baingo, in Hamburg
  • 1925 to circa 1935? - Erwin Baingo (her husband) ran a Fleischwaren Fabrik in Hamburg on Harvestehude, Mittelweg 174, an der Fontenay (Mummy was so proud). Their life seems to have been good.
  • 1931 - Their daughter, Uschi Baingo, attended Rellinger Straße Volksschule (Rellinger Straße 13, 20257 Hamburg).
    1933 January - Hitler was appointed Chancellor and Head of the German government. At this time 6,100,000 were unemployed in Germany and this is seen as one of the reasons of his sucess at coming to power. Through the Anschluss on 12 March 1938 Nazi Germany incorporated Austria in to Germany. On 1 April 1938 the Constitution of Hamburg was suppressed through an Imperial Law (German: Reichsgesetz), the Hamburg Senate was dissolved and the position of First Mayor of Hamburg abolished. Hamburg was renamed Hansestadt Hamburg.
  • 1935 - Berlin?: in her thirties, Gretal (Margarete) Baingo and the family moved to Berlin. Erwin Baingo was a Wurstwr? on W62 Wichmannstr 271 near Tiergarten.
  • 1939 September 1 - The start of World War II: when Germany invaded Poland, which led Britain and France to declaring war on the Nazi state in retaliation.
  • 1941?: Gretal (Margarete) Baingo divorced Erwin Robert Baingo, who then moved to Dresden. I think Gertal and Uschi (her daughter) were living at 28 Belziger str, Schöneberg, Berlin.
  • 1941 - 1943 - Berlin: the photo with the dackle is dated Berlin 1938 and she was living there in 1941 to at least 28.09.1943

Margarete Christ

  • 1943 20 March ? - Remarried: Gretal (Margarete) Völchner married Gerhard T. Otto Christ in Berlin
    Mummy told me candidly and several times, she was not nice to Gerhard Christ in the beginning as her Mother had remarried. However she grew to so much, truly love him and I, grew up calling them Mutti and Papa (I was brought up mostly in Edinburgh) as she later referred to Gerhard as Papa.
  • 1945 Jan ? - Berlin: as the Second World war drawing to a close, Mummy helped Mutti (as we called her) when she was pregnant to get her out of Berlin and back to Hamburg to avoid Hitler's instructions that German pregnant woman in Berlin should be evacuted to the Ost as the Ally bombing was getting worse.
  • 1945 Jan - 1949? - Hamburg: Gretal (Margarete) Christ lived at 51 Rellinger Straße Hamburg with her husband Gerhard T. Otto Christ.
    Hamburg Bombings - Not only had Berlin been a key bombing target, Hamburg had been badly bombed. Codenamed Operation Gomorrah, The Battle of Hamburg air raids by the Allies began on 24 July 1943 and lasted for 8 days and 7 nights. It was at the time the heaviest assault in the history of aerial warfare and was later called the Hiroshima of Germany by British officials. This is what Mutti and Mummy would have come back to.

  • 1945 Jan ? - Son: Gretal (Margarete) Christ and Gerhard Christ had a son Michael Thomas Christ who was born 25 Feb 1945 in Hanburg, but who tragically died four months later on 20 July 1945. Apparently my Mummy noticed he had stopped breathing and ran to their doctor, but she was too late.
  • 1945 May 8 - end of WW2: the Allies accepted Germany's surrender
  • 1945+ - Daughter: Gretal (Margarete) Christ and Gerhard Christ gave birth to a daughter.
  • 1947 August 5 - Death of her first husband, Erwin Baingo: who had remarried and been a Vertretungen fur die Fleischwaren-Industrie in Dresden, Vollsack Straße 3).
  • 1949 November 26 - Daughter Marries: Her daughter Uschi Baingo marries Scottish Daddy (I think he was still serving with the The 15th (Scottish) Reconnaissance Regiment, RAC?).
    My Daddy adored Gretal and Gerhard Christ as he lost his Father when he was less than one to WWI and I don't think his Mummy was that nice, so they became his family. He so charmed Mummy, Gretal and Gerhard Christ with his black market treasures. And for the rest of his life our only rare family holidays were to visit them in Hamburg.
  • 1949+ - Wiesenstraße: Gretal (Margarete) Christ and Gerhard Christ moved to Wiesenstraße, Hamburg, where she stayed and though she had a truely lovely time with her neighbours (Tante Katie & Tante Ella & the best Christmases & New Years Eves, ever), she suffered with painful arthritis.
  • 1961 - Malta, St. Patricks Barracks: Mutti & Pappa visted my parents in Malta with their daughter. My Mother said it was one of the besest times of her life.
  • 1977, April 10 - Sadly, Gretal (Margarete) Christ died. She was buried in her parents (Haase) plot Friedhofe Bornkamp, Hamburg (Grabstatte XIIc-590). My Mother utterly adored her and missed her, until her last breathe.
  • 1981 > With the death of her husband Gerhard Christ, we sadly had to say goodbye to our second home of Wiesenstraße

Margarete Völchner's Parents

Alas, to date I don't know much about them but I do know Mummy loved dearly her Oma amd Opa.

  • Erwin Haase - 1884? -?
    WWII - Erwin Haase was a talented model make and helped create a miniature replica model of the city of Hamburg. To date I still have not found out what happened to it but Mummy did have some model ships from it.
  • Auguste Ida Mariane Marie Völchner - 24 Sept 1880 Tessin, Germany - 19 March 1954, Hamburg, Germany ?
  • 1912 October 22 - Marriage: Emil Robert Karl Haase and Auguste Ida Marianne Marie Völchner, Hamburg Germany
Margarete Baingo

Margarete Johanna Erna Völchner

Margarete Johanna Erna Völchner

Date of Birth: 22 October 1903
Place of Birth: Hamburg, Germany
Occupation: ?
Died: 10 April 1977, Hamburg, Germany
Margarete's Parents

Margarete's Parents

Margarete's 1st Husband Erwin Baingo

Margarete's 1st Husband Erwin Baingo

Margarete's 2nd Husband Gerhard Christ

Margarete's 2nd Husband Gerhard Christ

Margarete's Daughters

Margarete's Daughters

Margarete Baingo's Daughter: Uschi Baingo Ward

Margarete Baingo's Daughter: Uschi Ward

Margarete Baingo's GrandDaughter: Me

A GrandDaughter of Margarete: Me :)