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Techinical SEO

Techinical SEO

Most search engines are partly bot crawlers - Google's bot considers over 200 factors, which contribute to a page rankings. But now, it also factors human raters! If your site is sloppy with no: fundamental SEO, duplicate or thin page content, has 404s, redirect/daisy chain issues... Google won't L.O.V.E you, which will reflect in you rankings & traffic.

Cost-effective organic search traffic

Cost-effective organic search traffic

Log into your tracker - check out your total and organic search traffic. Now check out Google Adwords and suss out how much it may cost to run PPC campaigns. Then check out affiliate site rates. I can imagine... ouch! What if you turn off PPC/affiliates - even more ouch!

Search, brand awareness & management

Search, brand awareness & management

With good SEO of landing pages, blog posts and social media, you can extend your online reach so you have various roads driving traffic to your site. Moreover, you can have all your online accounts ranking on the first page for your brand name, eliminating any negative reviews / competitor rankings.

Key SEO skills

Working, many years, firstly as an in-house HTML coder & designer > SEO and being passionate to excel for each company,
I have successful experience of e.g.

* E-commerce | Fashion | Event Entertainment | TV | Hospitality | Travel | Recruitment | Education | Software | B2C | B2B...

  • E.A.T content

    HUGE advocator of Google's E.A.T content which, embodies Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness and adheres to Google's human rater's guidelines. In addition, really into incorporating content which capture question based and semantic searches and may be displayed in Google's Answers and Featured Snippets. A culler of duplicate/thin content :)

  • Page Speed

    Monitoring page speed and reducing page speed by e.g. image optimisation; using google PageSpeed Module, gzip compression, header caching; reviewing the critical rendering path e.g minimising the number of requests and deferring script downloads until after the page has loaded.

  • SEO TroubleShooting

    Undertaking comprehensive Technical SEO & website audits. I've fire-fought, quite a bit on Google algo updates (duplicate/thin content). Moreover, I have successfully taken over sites which had disastrous falls in traffic through URL changes, incorrect redirects, site re-designs and migrations.

  • Mobile SEO

    Historically implemented "m.[DomainName].com" progressing to User-agent detection. Thank goodness now for responsive design! I only utilise "adapative" responsive design on mobile to reduce page speed by e.g. excluding heavy images / some youtube vids.

  • SEO Internalisation

    * Regionalisation - implementing crawlable, translated URLs and site content and, hreflang XML sitemaps.
    * Localisation - managed localised content and social media.

  • Reporting

    * Technical SEO and website in-depth auditing
    * Analytical SEO performance reporting & monitoring
    * Keyword research & analysis
    * Competitor research & analysis

  • SEO Tools (e.g.)

    * SEO: SeositeCheckup, SemRush, GA...
    * Trouble Shooting: Xenu/Screaming Frog, GSC, Bing WMT, Header Status & Redirect Tools
    * Page speed: Google's PageSpeed Tool, Gtmetrix, Lighthouse, Webpagetest
    * Keyword Research: Google Adwords & Trends, Ahrefs, Moz, AWR...
    * Links: GSC, Ahrefs, Majestic...

  • Social Media

    For new brands it is hard to gain non growth-hacked/ paid followers. But there are some slick Social Media tricks e.g. creating a link-wheel, researching hashtags & SEOing posts to gain brand awareness, external links and SERPs brand management.

  • Misc

    * Training and managing
    * Evangelising technical SEO best practice
    * HTML CSS Javascript (was previously an HTML coder) & Wordpress CMS (skills)
    * Comprehensive Pre and Post release testing

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Past Techinical SEO for HMA

Work Sites (e.g.)

1st SEO and Webmaster:
Past examples:
SEO consultantancy work

Technical SEO Consultancy

  • - Beverages
  • - Fashion
  • - Fashion
  • - Fashion
  • - Ticket resales
  • - Charity
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I have worked on over 55 sites.
Some sites are now mothballed (due to acquisitions) while, others the SEO is now, hmmm...

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sushi rider
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  • Why me as SEO

Why, choose me?

Beware of the SEO wolf in sheep's clothing,
who promises you,
they will get you to No.1 keywords.

I can't promise to get you No. 1,
but, I will endeavour my utmost to,
recommend/implement/instil SEO good practice
to improve your rankings &
help your business grow.

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