Slick Lesbian History
A Homage To Girl Friends Of Dorothy

In history, has a lesbian changed history? Yes! lesbians have contributed to history. A H.U.G.E, warm celebration of trailblazing Lesbians and girl Friends of Dorothy, across the world who have helped change world history for the better!

These stellar lesbians and girl friends of Dorothy in history WILL inspire you! Never forget their heroism as, in their time, they fought for our Lesbian and Women's Rights, Lesbian Visibility and ... some lesbians in history will surprise you!.
Girl Friends Of Dorothy: Lesbian Culture

Inspiring Lesbians / Bi Girl Friends of Dorothy In History

Lesbian History. Hurrah, you have ventured to this "carpe diem" page of fab historical lesbians and bi's who helped change HISTORY, for the better - my most popular pages are the movie pages :(

Prick Up Your Ears 😊 Slick lesbians, in world history:

  • Ruled countries - Queen Christina of Sweden (1626 - 1689)
  • Conquered gigantic mountains- Freda du Faur (1882 - 1935)
  • Went to space (twice!) - astronaut Sally Ride (1951 - )
        • Kicked men's asses, on land (Deborah Sampson (1760 - 1827)) and sea (pirates Mary Read & Anne Bonny)
        • Saved lives - Florence Nightingale (1820 - 1910)
        • Won Nobel Prizes - Selma Lagerlöf (1858 - 1940)
        • Wrote great poetry & novels - Sappho (570 BC) & Radclyffe Hall (1880 - 1943)
        • Made great art - painter Rosa Bonheur (1822 - 1899) & sculptor Emma Stebbins (1815 - 1882)
        • Made great music records - Opera Singer, Mademoiselle Maupin (1670 - 1707) & The queen of the Blues, Bessie Smith (1894 - 1937)
        • Broke sports records - Martina Navratilova (1956 - )
        • Fought for their rights - Frances Harper (1825 - 1911)
        • Challenged gender roles - Anne Lister (1791 - 1840)
        • Found openly L.O.V.E in the 1770s - The Ladies of Llangollen (Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby).

Stranger than paradise - for some of us, (terminology preference (I personally go for gay / queer) | fully out of the closet or respectfully in various degrees, this site may seem snoreville-city compared to equivalent social media "fun" lesbian posts. Hands-Up - I do not wish to be a social media queen. In the 2020s, there are still less liberal countries and, the fight for LGTBQ+ equality is still on-going, with some LGTBQ+ people unjustly facing death penalties / imprisonment / persecution for being gay. Moreover, I see that my site is blocked from some countries. For those and us, don't be complacent, let's commemorate the lesbians who historically, across the world, helped pave the way to on-going lesbian / gay equality and, let's be inspired by them, to get back to engaging an "Umph", and keep making it better for ALL (gays/transgenders and, others who are unjustly persecuted). Wouldn't you like later, to reflect on your life and think you made a difference to "something", regardless how big or small - but you did do something? In buco al lupo :)

Lesbians have been EVERYWHERE in history BUT Lesbian VISIBILITY in history is P.I.S.H! We should delve a wee bit harder and, make sure we record these slick sapphic heroines.

Groovers - Please, if you wish, do link to this site - I am a lone wolf and am too shy to "market" the site through social media.

PPPPPPPPPPlease show some goodwill to this site. HUGEST Thank you - the images used herein are for enlightment and inspiration. The site would look so sad & dull without images of these courageous lesbians. See in the footer - you can email me and I will immediately remove the relevant image.

Private Web Searching: Heads-Up On Incognito Google vs VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)
Are you living in a country that awfully monitors your internet activity e.g. "Lesbian [searches]" "gay [searches]"? Incognito Google = don't trust! Please consider using a VPN which stands for Virtual Private Network.

A VPN (strives to) encrypt (conceal) YOUR internet traffic/ web searches and (strives to) disguise your online identity - this makes it more difficult for third parties / government censorship to track your activities online (in democrat countries your traffic /searches could be seen as legal but for certain governments it as illegal). When I was growing up, I had so little exposure to sapphic / lesbian media and, no gay friends to hang out with. It was still a taboo subject. Bravo, that there is now more exposure "OUT" there, particularly online. Yet it is still shocking that 70 countries still have national laws criminalising same-sex relations between consenting adults. Moreover, there is still painful queer bashing. In 2018 - 19, in the UK alone, it was reported 14,491 crimes committed against people because of their sexual orientation. How many were unreported?

If you are living in an internet censored county, consider using a trusted VPN.

Terminology: Friend of Dorothy
Friend of Dorothy? "Friend of Dorothy" is a fab old skool, gay slang which I L.O.V.E and is a salute to the clandestine past! What does 'Friend of Dorothy' mean? In gay slang, a 'Friend of Dorothy' first came into use as a synonym for a gay man. Thereafter, 'Friend of Dorothy', expanded as a term for anybody in the LGBTQ+ community i.e us girls.

The phrase, 'Friend of Dorothy', dates back to at least World War II (1940s), derived from Judy Garland's character, Dorothy, in The Wizard of Oz or... Dorothy Parker. A 'Friend of Dorothy' was a coded term to refer to a homosexual, when homosexuality was still criminalised in the US and UK and, homosexuality couldn't be openly discussed. So, at the time, on meeting someone... stating that, or asking if, someone was a 'Friend of Dorothy" was a euphemism used for sussing out someone's sexual orientation, without others knowing its meaning. Indeed, I've soooo used "Do you think she is a friend of Dorothy?" question, in the past to partners in crime, when I was so shy and conversing in v slick Edinburgh hetty bars and restaurants! In this web site, I am using 'Friends of Dorothy' primarily in the girl 'Friends of Dorothy' sense.

My Terminology Throughout My Site?
You may say... TomaYto, I say... TomaHto. What noun do I assign these ace, gutsy, stellar LGTB ladies? I reflected over "lesbian" and... lezzie / leso / les / lezzer... dyke (I find amusing as I am an ex geologist)... (holy moly) bean flicker, carpet muncher, pussy puncher, muff diver, ... and, so many more!!! See Lesbian terms throughout history. Though some terms now sound amusing - these were stabbingly hurtful to those who were harrassingly called this to their face or behind their backs. Personally, I dislike the actual sound of the word "lesbian".

Growing-up I developed a code, like Anne Lister (in her diaries)... I refered to myself as being "cake" (a private code word, that derived from a bestie gay girl friend goofily mishearing me - in a chicky micky Edinburgh Cafe bar. She thought I was referring to lush cake on display on the counter - actually, I was referring to the very lush waitress. "Cake" became my ace code when out and about with friends in hetty bars :). Gaining a bit more confidence (through my sewing circle friends) like some others I appropriated the terms "gay" (a nod to cool Cole Porter) / and "queer" (during Britpops fab Blur era). Herein, out of intitial shyness, I started off using the term "sapphic" and "lezza" (tongue-in-cheek). Alas, as this SEO was getting me nowhere, slowly I am changing some pages to "lesbian" (though I will never, ever call myself this). Hetty = Scottish slang for straights.

Before Anyone Get's Their Knickers In A Twist! -
My Gay Boy Friends Of Dorothy

Apart from Google Analytics (which I am NOT using for anything naughty/profiteering but, just to see which is the most visited pages), sadly I can't suss how my "queer" content is being perceived because I am avoiding social media, as I am relying on my slick SEO. I am sorry that I aint a slick copy writer and, I slap my own wrist for any duh / innocent mistakes & omissions (email me please). Mega HURRAH, I got a Tweet referral... hmm.. comments included... "male colonisation" "too many "queer" usage" (on the page of HUGE amount of words, I used it 9 times"). Sweeties, this is NOT a GAY GIRLS ONLY website.

To some hardcore "Lesbians" / 2020s WOKEs - every one is different and bravo to freedom of speech (NOT, false info): I am not, nor this site is (wishes to be) prejudice:
- Boys: I am HUGELY indebted to my sweetly caring & fun hetty and gay boy friends who I thoroughly L.O.V.E their company (&, my hetty girl friends). - LGBT+: I hugely respect any one on the LGBT+ community - their historical stories have contributed to our progression

Peace, Love & Happiness & A Melody of Love
This is a peace, love and happiness website to all who are, GAY (in every sense) / seeking inspiration if they feel they are different / being discriminated against. For example:
- Worldwide WOMEN - in 2020s, what's the difference between a hetty woman (straight woman) and a gay woman regardless where they live: NOT wanting to be forced to wear a head covering / hijab, HAVE THE RIGHT to education, choose who they wish to marry (not be forced to be an unwilling marriage) and how many children they wish to have. Please dont be complacent > support woman in repressed countries
. - Worldwide GAYS - which gay woman can not empathise with gay men during the times when it was illegal for men to be gay (still now (for all), in some certain countries) and with AIDs?

It is not just our GAY, LGTB+ on going fight, but we empathise to others in such suppression. Peace, love and happiness to ALL who respect each other.

Please Do Revist
The site has got so much bigger than I had envisaged. Please do revist as I grow it - there are countless histroical LGBT Women who I have not yet discovered, who have not been documented / are coming to light. And, there some ... who i suspect as they never married and I await what further research reveals. I don't want to brand someone unjustly (we all understand the brutal hurt it can cause) e.g. movie Ammonite (2020) trailblazer English palaeontologist Mary Anning - was she gay? Hmmm... Forgive pedestaling, I have a (wohoo) PhD in ... Palaeontology (Edinburgh Uni) and Mary Anning had been a heroine to me, and, I'm queer ;) At the time of my PhD there was no gossip of this. I would have loved her to play on my team but, Hmmm > movie vs no scientific gossip of this? Which highlights some borderlines I have faced herein. Slap my wrist, for some very, very view where I forwent my caution and included. Please forgive any errors on my misinterpretation.I have a waiting list (on some evidence) to add.

This Sapphic Web Project Journey

uK Covid Lockdown 2, 2020 - An Idea
This is a site I built (hand-coded HTML / css) during uK Covid Lockdown 2 furlough. I had been working as SEO on the bestest website I had ever worked on - a slick international talent booking website. To keep my mind active, I thought it would be a fun coding project to clandescently celebrate lesbian history and culture by documenting some slick lesbian 'Friends of Dorothy' and sapphic media which have comforted and roused me when I was too shy to come out and times were different. Please do forgive me - I am an SEO and not a writer, but I hope these slick ladies will inspire you.

uK Covid Lockdown 3, 2020 NYE - Painful Launch
I launched the site incomplete as a 1st draft on 2020 lockdown uK, NYE with light abdomen pain and awful toothache (I couldn't get a fooking dentist emergency appointment during COVID Xmas) but, with my NYE's solo champers numbing the pain & neighbour's NYE fireworks, I wished to launch it to say goodbye to: heaven knows a miserable year.

Post Covid Lockdown 3 >... HONEYDEW MELON FIBROID &... Gallbladder Polyps (March 2021)
Certainly which I didn't wish to happen nor divulge. I had a wee bit of bad luck after uK Xmas 2020 lockdown. 10 GPs later (the majority over the phone) > I got finally diagnosed with GERD, PLUS... (I did a private ultrasound for my abdomen and pelvis (with a lets-do-everything-there instinct, as I hadn't had one for sooooo many years) as it was taking (COVID respectfully) way too long on the NHS. Holy Moly - a fibriod... the size of a... (fooking) grapefruit! On removal, during a major op (Sept '21), it turned out the size of a... (mega fooking) HONEYDEW MELON (13x10x7 cm)!!!!! (plus small fibroid and cyst on the other ovary). Had to have both my ovaries removed too :( though, thank GAWD, no hysterectomy which, miss-a-heart-beat & sleepless nights, every gynae consultant had coldy said to me, as soon as I sat down in the consultation seat :( It's a v long awful post-op recovery (8 weeks - without a post-op pamphlet, nor checkups - grrrrrr!) :(

I am still in utter disbelief, as are my friends, that my fibroid grew so HUGE - quasi a HONEYDEW MELON!!!!! How long was it there? I hadn't felt pain there. I am very slender (and forgive me, for proudly saying - dress preppy punky / indie). Over the years, I did mention my concerns to my GPs about my bloated tummy, which seemed unreasonable considering my sleek weight, but my GPs disregarded it due to aging. My HUGE fibroid was only discovered because I went private and by good fortune I choose a pelvis ultrasound in addition to the recommended GP's abdomen ultrasound.

If you are not considering having a baby, it is unlikely, you will get a pelvic ultrasound unless you are feeling pain or having a baby. Many women will develop one or more fibroids. Please do consider getting a pelvic ultrasound checkup to reveal any issues & monitor this. And if you do need fibroids removed: fight to fully understand ALL options and consequences and, try to avoid a full hysterectomy (the default solution) / fibroids + ovaries removed (each can fook up hormonal / estrogen levels - which was never explained to me and I only learnt after.)

Girl Friends Of Dorothy: Lesbian Culture
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Coming OUT FAQs

Some Sweet Coming OUT FAQs / Advice

Thinking about coming out of the closet? I know, it's hard :( Here are a few wee tips.

Feeling Alone?

... Get up,
Get out,
Get away from these liars,
Cause they don't get your soul or your fire ...

A Tribute To My Fab Mummy: My fab Mummy did open her eyes & tried to be sweet & supportive (she had, had lovely queer friends in Berlin but ... didn't react at first, the bestest way to my tipsey late night coming out). My Mummy was the bestest Mummy EVER (which I hope you consider your Mummy too). So MY fault - defensively and regrettably, I created a wall after that first re-action - she needed time to assimilate too. Please don't make my AWFUL mistake. FOREVER, I soooo mega, wish my stellar Mummy was still by my side, with my adorable dackles in the back of the car, and we would go cruising for a bruising to my slick mixtapes, down picturesque Princes Street, Edinburgh, my much missed home town :(

Ps The haters gonna hate, hate, hate ... [Try To] shake it off!

This was on loop + on full volume, when I was clearing out my beloved family house :(