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Friend of Dorothy? So old skool, gay slang but I love it! What does 'Friend of Dorothy' mean? In gay slang, a 'Friend of Dorothy' (occasionally abbreviated to FOD) first came into use as a synonym for a gay man. Thereafter, 'Friend of Dorothy', has expanded as a term for anybody in the LGBTQ+ community.

The phrase, 'Friend of Dorothy', dates back to at least World War II (1940s), derived from Judy Garland's character, Dorothy, in The Wizard of Oz or... Dorothy Parker. A 'Friend of Dorothy' was a coded term to refer to a homosexual, when homosexuality was still criminalised in the US and UK and, homosexuality couldn't be openly discussed. So, at the time, on meeting someone... stating that, or asking if, someone was a 'Friend of Dorothy" was a euphemism used for sussing out someone's sexual orientation, without others knowing its meaning. Indeed ...

...I've used "Do you think she is a friend of Dorothy?" question, in the past to one of my partners in crime, when I was shy and conversing in v slick hetty bars and restaurants! In this web site, I am using 'Friends of Dorothy' primarily in the girl 'Friends of Dorothy' sense.

Groovers, who have chanced upon this girl 'Friends of Dorothy' site - this is a site I built (hand-coded HTML) during uK Covid Lockdown 2 and furlough > redundancy(?). To keep my mind active, I thought it would be a fun coding project to document some slick girl 'Friends of Dorothy' and sapphic media which have comforted and roused me. Do forgive me, I am an SEO and not a writer. Also.. I have launched it incomplete as 1st draft on 2020 NYE with toothache as I can't get a fooking dentist emergency appointment during COVD Xmas but, with my NYE's solo champers numbing the pain, I wished to launch it to say goodbye to a heaven knows a miserable year.

Hmm... the terminology?
In foresight to try and avoid any miffed emails with regard to perhaps my unintentional un-pc'ness. You may say tomayto, I say tomahto. How do I refer to these ace, gutsy ladies? Reflecting over a lovely choice of adjectives: lesbian / lezzie / leso / les / lezzer / Lezza / Sapphic, bean flicker, butch, carpet muncher, dyke (I find amusing as I am an ex paleontologist), Kiki, pussy puncher, muff diver, todger dodger, queer, gay and bi, switch hitter, gillette blade... Hmm... + Friend of Dorothy. And more delightful Lesbian terms through history. Though some are amusing as, personally, I dislike the actual sound of the word "lesbian", I refer to myself as being gay (a nod to Cole Porter) / cake (a private code word that derived from a mishearing which became an ace code when out and about with friends). So herein, I am gonna use the term "sapphic" (terrible for SEO :( and Lezza. Hetty = Scottish slang for straights.

When I was growing up, I had so little exposure to sapphic media and, no gay friends to hang out with. It was still a taboo subject. Bravo, that there is now more exposure "out" there. Yet it is still shocking that 70 countries still have national laws criminalising same-sex relations between consenting adults. Moreover, there is still painful queer bashing. In 2018 - 19, in the UK alone, it was reported 14,491 crimes committed against people because of their sexual orientation. How many were unreported?

As indicated above, most of the slick girl 'Friends of Dorothy' mentioned in this web site, were inspirational to me. During my research, however, the project got so much bigger than I anticipated as I included some interesting girl 'Friends of Dorothy' I came across. This will never be a definitive list. Yet, it will grow with further interesting discoveries, so do come back :) And.. see how you score on my Queer quiz

For all the past and present, brave "muff divers". I hugely thank you. Cincin :)

P.S. Image copyright holders - pppppppppppppplease show some goodwill to this site. The images used herein are for enlightment and inspiration. The site would look so sad without images of these courageous women.

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