ERWIN BAINGO - My Großvater

Erwin Robert Baingo (1887 - 1947)

Born: 1887, 20 August in Rybna (which was a municipality of Tarnowitz, Upper Silesia, Prussia now, Poland), (act 5/1887). full Birth Certificate of Erwin Baingo. Baptised Aug 28, 1887.

Nationality: Prussian / (Upper) Silesian.

Parents: Maximilian Baingo and Maria Martha Baingo nee Patzek

Occupation: Business owner of "Fleischwaren Fabrik" (didn't fight in WWII)

Married: Margarete Johanna Erna Volchner in 1924, 5 June in Hamburg, Germany

Daughter: Ursula (Uschi) Augusta Maria Baingo, born in 1925, 28 March, in Hamburg, Germany

Divorced: 1935, 5 June - my grandmother Margarete Johanna Erna Baingo (nee Volchner)

Remarried: Gerda Else Kurz

Died: 15th June 1947 in Dresden, Germany (aged 60)

Summary of Erwin Baingo Line: Erwin Baingo of Silesia, Prussia - Banka / Baingo line


Clare Josepha Baingo - Born: 1894, 19 Mar in Tarnowitz - 1981, 17 Feb Lambertsberg. Clare Schwierholz nee Baingo was a talented violinist and whose ring I proudly wear.
Kurt Robert Baingo - Born: 1889, September 18, Tarnowitz, Silesia - 1918, December 13, Dawson County, Montana, USA
Georg Max Baingo - Born: 1895, 10 Jul, Tarnowitz - 1896, 15 Jul, Tarnowitz
Max Georg Baingo - Born: 1897, 18 Sept, Tarnowitz - Abt 1965, Berlin. Fought in WWI and was listed as being lightly wounded on 31 Aug 1917 and 9 Sep 1918. Occupation = Chlb?
Ernst Baingo - Born: 1903, 1 June, Tarnowitz - 1982, 10 Jul, Lambertsberg. Fought in WWI.
Notably all siblings apart from Kurt, died in Germany. I wonder if they moved to Germany after the Silesian Uprising when Tarnowitz was given to Poland in 1919?

Piecing Together Erwin Baingo's Life

Though he was respected by Mummy, sadly I know so hugely very little of my grandfather Erwin Baingo who we are proud of, (and can't find photographs or perhaps can't identify him), and therefore I am trying to trace his family history. So, sadly, doing simple maths (learn from my bitter mistake... talk to your parents, don't loose your treasured blood history!)

  • 1887 - 20 August, born in Rybne, Silesia (part of the German Empire at the time). His Father Max Baingo, seems to have been a Hotel Owner at the time?
  • 1911 - 10 Jan, Katowice, (part of the German Empire at the time) there is an annoucement of Ferdinand Baingo's, his grandfather's, death
  • 1918 - December 13, Kurt Baingo (his brother) who had emigrated to USA just before WWI (Feb 1) died in Dawson County, Montana, USA when he was 29 years old of Spanish Influenza.
  • 1924 - Maths indicate Erwin Baingo may have been circa 37 when he married Mutti - my grandmother, wow she must have been circa 22!. I think they married in Hamburg, Germany
  • 1925 - My Mummy was born - Ursula (Uschi) Augusta Maria Baingo in Hamburg
  • 1924 to circa 1935? - Erwin Baingo ran a Fleischwaren Fabrik in Hamburg on Harvestehude, Mittelweg 174, an der Fontenay, (mummy was so proud)
  • 1934-35 - Berlin: Wichmannstr 27 - Erwin Baingo was a FleischMeister with his own shop
  • 1935 - June - poor Mummy must have been circa 11 when her parents divorced
  • 1935 - 1943 - Erwin Baingo remarried - Gerda Else [SURNAME?]
  • 1941 - Erwin Baingo was living in Dresden, Germany and set up a Dresdner Fleischwaren - u. Salatfabrik, Gross-Fernkuche, Dresden-Blasewitz, Schillerplatz 3, and was living in Vollsackstr. 3, Dresden
  • 1941 - 1942 - Erwin Baingo was living - A 19, Bollsackstr. 3 II, Dresden, Germany
  • 1943 - 1944 - Erwin Baingo and Gerda Else were living A 19, Vollsackstr. 8 II., Dresden, Germany
  • 1945 - Ernst Baingo (his brother) was injured in WWII and "landed" in Dresden in a field hospital. His wife (and children Juergen and Karin) stayed with Unkle Erwin Baingo and his wife Gerda. After their return to Berlin, Dresden was bombed and almost destroyed.
  • 1945 - Feb - Erwin Baingo & Gerda Else survived the bombing of Dresden
  • 1945 - May 7 - German armed forces surrendered unconditionally
  • 1947 - 15 June Erwin Baingo died at home at Ludwig-Hartmann Strasse 28, Dresden
  • 1947 - 5th August - I found a telegram for this date, for Mummy from Gerda Else Baingo indicating sadly that Erwin had died. Gerda Else Baingo was his second wife. Also found a telephone number for Helga Baingo but I do not know who she is.

Parents of Erwin Baingo

Maximilian Baingo (1859 - 1904) and Maria Martha Baingo nee Patzek

  • Maximilian Baingo (from (German) Tarnowitz, Silesia, (Tarnowskie Góry, near Upper Silesia) now Poland.
    Born: 1859, 3 Feb Laurahütte - from marriage Certificate of Maximmilain Baingo
    Laurahütte: Laurahütte (Upper Silesia) was a municipality in the district of Katowice, established in 1890 and dissolved in 1922 and and the region merged in 1923 with the community Siemianowice Slaskie (Siemianowitz). It is located in the Silesian Highlands, on the Brynica river (tributary of the Vistula). The Laurahütte was a steelworks built in the 1830s by the magnate Hugo Henckel von Donnersmarck near Beuthen. The first integrated ironworks in Upper Silesia was built there in 1838 and in its time, it was one of the largest ironworks.
    Occupation: Restaurateur / Fleischer > Wurstmacher (Sausage Maker - see Ferdinand Baingo's Newspaper clipping) > Wurst fabrikant
    Residence: Beuthen, Upper Silesia (The city became part of the Kingdom of Prussia in 1742 during the Silesian Wars and, part of the German Empire in 1871.)
    Marriage: 1886, 14 Sep, Beuthen, Prussia
    Died: 31 Dec 1904, Tarnowitz (act 273/1904). Buried: Jan 3, 1905 (aged 45). Died of diabetes (same as my Mummy, Ursula Baingo:(
  • Maria Martha Baingo nee Patzek (wife)
    Born: 1866, 30 Jan, Beuthen, Silesia, Prussia - from marriage certificate of Maximmilain Baingo | Died: 1958, 17 March, Dusseldorf?
    Parents: Carl Patzek (a master carpenter - B: 1835 Beuthen-Tarnowitz?) & Johanna Patzek nee Goralczyk ('a little highlander')

Grandparents of Erwin Baingo

Ferdinand Johann Baingo (1825 - 1886) and Marianna Marie Baingo nee Bobczyk

Baingo family tree

  • Ferdinand Johann Baingo (Ferdinand Baingo) - Born: 1825, 12 Dec, Wüstenhammer, Silesia, Prussia | Died: 1886, 25 April in Laurahütte, Prussia (aged 61)
    Wüstenhammer (Desert Hammer): Is now known as Pusta Kuźnica and is a district of Lubliniec (german: Lublinitz). It is located on the northern edge of the Upper Silesia region. In the course of industrialisation, small industrial companies settled in Lubliniec.
    Occupation: Kaufmann / Businessman (1822)
    According to the announcement in the official newspaper of the city of Katowice 'Kattowitzer Kreisblatt' on November 12, 1910 the date of February 10, 1911 was set for the dissolution of the community of heirs through a court auction of the acquired property / inheritance. Heirs:
    Erwin Baingo 1934 Berlin
    1. The Widow Baingo, born Bobczyk, in Tarnowitz
    2. Berta Gasch, born Baingo, wife of the locomotive driver, residing in Beuthen O/S.
    3. Max Baingo, charcuterie master of Tarnowitz
    4. Anna Golka (married innkeeper), primo voto Bobczyk, born Baingo, residing in Lassowitz
    5. Ernst Baingo, locksmith/metalworker, residing in Tarnowitz (I think his mother was living with him?)
    6. Marie Schychowski, born Baingo, the restaurateur's wife, residing in Bismarckhutte
    I found it really bizarre, that Ferdinand Baingo died in 1866 but his inheritance was being discussed in 1910/1911. According to Axee a mega fab and sweet researcher in Poland: Indivisible joint inheritance - a legal concept existing in Polish law, inherited from the provisions in force in the Prussian partition based on the Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (BGB). Under § 1922 BGB, when a person dies, his property passes as a whole to one or more other persons, and under § 2032 BGB, if the testator leaves several heirs, the estate becomes the joint estate of the heirs. I have a hunch that Ferdinand's children let their Mother, live in the family home until she grew old - in 1910 she may have been circa 88 years old. Then one of the siblings may have brought her into their home and then Ferdinand's assests were put up for auction and divided between them.
  • Marianna (Marie) Baingo nee Bobczyk (wife)- Born: 29 Jan 1833 Beuthen, Tarnowitz, Silesia, Prussia | Died: 2 Mar 1906, Beuthen, Tarnowitz, Silesia, Prussia
    First names Marianna vs Marie. Out of respect for the Mother of Christ, during the realy era, baptised daughters were not named Mary (Maryja) in Poland. This first name was applied to only one Mary - the Mother of Christ. In some regions, daughters were not given the name Maria for the same reason, but were replaced with Marianna or Maryna.
    Marie Schychowski nee Baingo - is cited in her mother's (Marianna Marie Baingo nee Bobczyk's) death 1906 certificate. Marie Schychowski nee Baingo who lived in Siemianowice (Siemianowitz), declared that: the houseowner, widow Maria Baingo née Bobczyk, her mother, 73 years old, Catholic, living in Laurahutte (Huta Laura), born in Beuthen, widow of the houseowner, Ferdinand Baingo, daughter of principial foreman in the mine (germ. obersteiger) Simon Bobczyk and his wife, Maria née Letocha, both died in Bytom, in Laurahutte in her apartment on March 2, 1906 at 9.45pm has died.
    Parents: Simon Bobczyk (13 Oct 1808 (Bobrownik, Tarnowitz, Silesia, Prussia) - 7 Mar 1884 (Neu Beuthen, Tarnowitz, Silesia, Prussia)) who was a miner and later promoted to principial foreman in the mine (germ. obersteiger) and Marianna Letocha (Abt 1812 (Beuthen Trockenberg, Bytom, Silesia, Prussia) - 13 Oct 1876 (Beuthen Trockenberg, Silesia, Prussia)) daughter of a master butcher.
    Siblings: Sophia Johanna Bobczyk - B: 1835, 18 Dec, Tarnowitz | ?, Anna Sorichta Bobczyk - Born: abt 1836, Tarnowitz | D: 1875, 3 Jan, Beuthen, Johann Carl Bobczyk - B: 1838, 19 Jun, Tarnowitz | D: 1839, 4 Sep, Tarnowitz, Albertine Josephe Bobczyk - B: 1841, 4 Apr, Tarnowitz | ?, Pauline Marie Bobczyk - B: 1843, 28 Jun, Tarnowitz | D: 1844, 27 Jan Schomberg, Wilhelm Caspar Bobczyk- B: 1845, 6 Jan, Schomberg, Anton Bobczyk - B: abt 1846 - D: 1895, 11 Aug, Beuthen. Sadly some of her siblings died very young.
    GrandParents: Stanislau Bobczyk (Abt. 1769 (Bobrownik, Tarnowitz, Schlesien, Preußen) | ? and Urszula Tluczykont (Abt. 1777 Bobrownik, Tarnowitz, Schlesien, Preußen) | ? Married, 1800, February 2.
  • Ferdinand Johann Baingo and Marianna Marie Baingo nee Bobczyk's children:
    Maximillian (Erwins Father)
    Ernst Baingo - Born: Abt. 1852, Laurahütte, Prussia? | Died: Abt 1921, Breslau | Marrried: Martha Obertlander?
    Marie Baingo - Born: Abt. 1855, Laurahütte, Prussia? | Died: x, x? | Marrried: Johann Paul Schychowsky > Johann Moczek (are they the same gentlemen?)
    Berta Baingo - Born: Abt. 1856, Laurahütte, Prussia? | Died: 1932, 7 Apr, Beuthen? | Marrried: August Gasch
    Anna Baingo - Born: July 17 1859, Laurahütte, Prussia? | Died: 13 Dec 1925, Lasowice, ? | Marrried: Johann Valentin Bobczyk (from Tarnowitz) in 1889, 30 July, Laurahutte > Thomas Johann Golka (from Falkowitz) in 1899, 13 May

Great Grandparents

Carl Banka (Junior) (1796 - Before 1881) and Caroline Agnetha Banka nee Warwass

Carl Banka family tree

Debatable - as there may be more children (v HARD work as father and son share same first name and there is a possibilty of a second marriage with more children.

  • Carl Banka (Junior) - Born: 1796, 29 Oct - Wesola, Silesia, Prussia (on the certificate, there is a footnote "Carolus") | Died: Before 1881
    Surname change: Carl Banka (Junior) is Ferdindand's Father confirmed by Ferdindand Baingo's death certificate. No wonder I hit the thickest ever brick wall - there was a name change! Only discovered this and would not have discovered this, without the Król zagadek, Axee.
    1825 Ferdinand Johan Banka Baingo birth certificate
    Surname: The birth certificate for Ferdinand states his Father's surname was Banka yet on his death certificate it states Baigo. Silesia became part of Prussia in 1742, then in 1815 was named the Prussian Province of Silesia and in 1871 Silesia became part of the German Empire. During this time towns' names were Germanised e.g. Laurahütte, Wüstenhammer... I think the family changed their surname from Banka to Baingo inspired by the nearby village Baingow which sounded like their surname. Mummy had been told a family story - there was a town named after the Baingo's (Bangow/Baingow: "Presumably, the name of the town comes from its founder named Bańka"! An ace qoute from Axee rocks: "Bańka = Banka = Bainka = Baigo = Baingo !!!". In 1882 Ferdindand Baingo is listed as a kaufmann and on his mother's death certificate in 1881, her name is given as Caroline Baingo.
    Wesola: is a district of Lubliniec (german: Lublinitz). In 1742, after the Peace of Breslau, like most of Silesia, Lubliniec fell to Prussia. Carl's birth certificate is from the parish Tworog. Wesola is now a part of the village Koty near Tworóg
    Parents: Carl Banka (Senior) and Francisca Banka nee Ziaja | source
    Carl junior Banka Baingo's birth certificate
    Carl Banka's (Junior) Siblings: Franz (Born: 1795, Wesola, Silesia, Prussia) and Wichelmina (Born: 1807, Lubsza, Silesia, Prussia, Died: 1811 Miotek, Slaskie, Poland)
    Occupation: Frischer - a steel mill worker converting (refining, refreshing) liquid metal.
    Married: 1816, 24 Nov, Wüstenhammer, Silesia, Prussia
  • Caroline Agnetha Banka nee Warwass (wife) - Born: 1801, 20 January in Krywald, parish Sadów | Died: 1881, 11 March, Laurahutte, Silesia, Prussia (aged 81)
    Parents: Joseph Warwass from Wüstenhammer (a Frischmaister - a steel mill master) (B: Abt. 1758, Wüstenhammer | Died: 1833, 3 April, Wüstenhammer) and Josepha/Jozefa Krupianna (Krupin) (B: Abt. 1764 | D: 1845, 21 Mar, Sandowitz)
  • Carl Banka (Junior) and Caroline Agnetha Banka nee Warwass' children (from birth certificates - mega thanks to Axee Rocks :):
    Wilhelm Carl Friedrich - Born: 1817, Wüstenhammer, Silesia, Prussia (Parish of Sadów or Brusiek, or Koszęcin) | Died: X
    Franciszka Banka / Baingo - Born: 1819, 18 Sep, Wüstenhammer, Silesia, Prussia | Died: 1828
    Franz Banka / Baingo - Born: 1821, 30 Jul, Wüstenhammer, Silesia, Prussia | Died: X
    Joseph Banka / Baingo - Born: 1823, 18 Mar, Wüstenhammer, Silesia, Prussia | Died: 1902, 20 May, Sandowitz?
    Ferdinand Banka / Baingo (Erwins Baingo's GrandFather) - Born: 1825, 12 Dec, Wüstenhammer, Silesia, Prussia - birth certificate issued from the parish of Sadów
    Note: on the birth certificates there are variations on the Father's (Carl (Junior)) surname: Banka & Bainka

Axee Rocks: Hugest EVER thanks to an utterly BRILLIANT Polish ancestry hunter. After circa 5 years of research, Axee has found me, my great, great, great grandparents. Axee is... the boss of all bosses :)


Great Great Grandparents of Erwin Baingo

Carl Banka (Senior) (Abt - 1772 - 1848) and Francisca Banka nee Ziaja

  • Carl Banka (Senior) - Born: Abt 1772, ? | Died: 1848, 22 Nov, Wüstenhammer
    Parents: ?
    Occupation: an Unterfrischer > Frischer - steel mill worker (the same occupation as his son Carl Banka (Junior)). In Franz Banka's birth certificate it says Carl Banka (Senior) worked as a Halember Frischer i.e he worked in the Halemba steelworks (polish: Huta Halemba), today's Ruda Śląska (not the Halemba mine). In 1718, in Halemba, a second charcoal-fired blast furnace (blast smelting furnace) was put into operation. It operated until 1808. In the years 1836–1869, another blast furnace was in operation at the "Thurzo" steelworks.
    Married: Francisca Ziaja. When? Before the birth of first son, in 1796 so circa 1794 in Wesola.
  • Francisca Banka nee Ziaja (wife) - Born: 1776, April 11, Silesia, Prussia | Died: 1828, Apr 21, Sodow / Wüstenhammer, Silesia, Prussia (aged 56)
    Parents: Martin Ziaja, a miller (B: 1741, 18 Nov, Kotten (Koty) | D: 1798, 10 Oct, Wesola, Silesia, Prussia) and Agnes nee Knopik 1744, 4 Jan, Świbie, Silesia, Prussia.
  • Carl Banka (Senior) and Francisca Banka's children:
    Carl Banka (Junior) (Father of Ferdinand Banka / Baingo) - Born: 1796, 28 Oct - Wesola, Silesia, Prussia
    Franz Banka - Born: 1795, Wesola, Silesia, Prussia
    Wichelmina Tekla Banka - Born: 1807, 10 Jul, Lubsza, Silesia, Prussia | Died: 1811, 22 May, Miotek,source

    Carl Banka Baingo children
  • Second wife?: did Carl Banka Senior or (Junior) marry Maria Plaza in August 1828 , just after his first wife died, and had more children?

Please Help

Where art thou groovy Baingo's - especially from Berlin and Silesia? Please do help me trace my Baingo family history. So many questions. I am stuck on:

  • Who was Helga Baingo?
  • Where does the name Baingo orginate from?

You can contact me via likendin


Kurt Baingo

Erwin Baingo's Brother
  • Born - 1889, September 18, in Tarnowitz, Silesia (In passage document to New York, USA he stated his nationality as being Prussian, German).
  • 1913 - Occupation: Butcher in Berlin, Germany. Was he working for Erwin his brother or father Max baingo?
  • 1914 - Feb 1, Kurt emigrated to USA via Hamburg, Germany on the ship named Pennsylvania (a Steamship, Third cabin). He arrived in New York, USA on 16th Feb 1914. Why emigrate?
  • 1914 - April 15, US Naturalisation - he renounced William II, Emperor of Germany in the document
  • 1914 - July 28, start of WWI
    His brother Max Baingo fought on the German side, in WWI and was wounded twice - 31 Aug 1917 & 9 Sep 1918
  • 1917 - Occupation: Farmer. Kurt Baingo had a homestead in Dawson County, Montana, USA. Seemingly his homestead was located in tough terrain with basic accomodation and for sure, very lonely. Kurt Baingo has been recognised as one of the first settlers in this area.
  • 1917 - June 5, US WWII 1st Draft Registration. Describes Kurt Baingo as being tall (5ft 10), slender (165 lb), with light brown/ blonde hair and grey eyes. He wasn't drafted - possibly through a disability?
  • Death - 1918, December 13, Kurt Baingo died in Dawson County, Montana, when he was 29 years old of Spanish Influenza (I am specially documenting this in 2020, when the world is suffering awful COVID). Kurt's death certificate states that he died at Hazney, Montana which was a homestead post office, west of Butte Creek. No parents are recorded in his death certificate :( Kurt Baingo was buried in Greenridge cemetery which has not been used since the 1930s. He did not "prove-up" on his homestead as that would take three years and sadly it seems that he was on it just under three years. The death certificate indicates that he had filed his first papers on his homestead.
    The Jordan Gazette - 19 Dec 1918 (Page 1, column 4)
    Kurt Biango, a single man residing on a homestead near Butte Creek, died a 3 o'clock last Friday morning, December 13th, after an illness of eleven days from Spanish influenza followed by pneumonia. Nothing is known about Mr. Biango's past life except that he was born in Germany and was about 32 years of age. He came to this community about four years ago and took out his first citizenship papers and filed on a homestead. He had no relatives in the United States, but gave the name of an intimate friend in New York to be notified of his death. The friend sent a telegram directing that burial be made here, and the remains will be laid to rest in Greenridge cemetery at 3 o'clock tomorrow, Friday afternoon, December 19th.
  • 1929 - There were quite a few people living in the area during the homestead era, but they left when the Great Depression hit agriculture.

The Origin of The Surname Baingo

Do you know the origin of the surname Baingo? I have been considering:

  • Germany - from, the surname Baingo is exceedingly rare and most prevalent in Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia, Berlin & Hesse) & Poland (formerly known as Silesia, Prussia. The oldest Baingos so far:
    Germany = 1600 - from, currently the oldest recorded Baingo births are twins Margaretha and Barbara Baingo who were baptised in the Evangelische Kirche Bitzfeld u. Eberstadt Württemberg Germany near Stuttgart on 16 Nov 1623-31. Their parents were Paulus Baingo and Margaretha Baingo. So Paulis Baingo was born circa 1600.
    Paulus Baingo of Bitzfeld u. Eberstadt Württemberg Germany born circa 1600
    Poland = 1796 - Carl Baingo (from comparing, and a Baingo's family tree
  • Rare surname - both Germans and Poles say the Baingo surname does not sound at all of Polish nor german origin. Is it a Germanisation of a foreign surname e.g Italian surname Bianco?
  • USA - has the 3rd largest occurence of the surname of Baingo. Early emigrations to USA:
    ------------ 1860? - Alex. Baingo of Germany
    ------------ 1896? - Anton Baingo born in Germany
    ------------ 1909 - John Baingo born 1890 in Hamburg, Germany
    ------------ 1914 - Kurt Baingo - Erwin Baingo's brother
    ------------ 1919 - Angelo Baingo born 1896, March in Sicily, Italy

    Passenger lists - with Baingo's who already had an American nationality
    ------------ 1890 - Minna Baingo born 1861
    ------------ 1936 - Sister? Elsie Baingo born 1896 in Phila, Pa. & Florence Baingo born 1888, Salisbury, Pa. (I think father Alex. Baingo?)
  • The rest of the world - there are exceedingly few Baingos in Canada, Indonesia, DR Congo, Papua New Guinea and Brazil. So far there are two accounts of Baingos in the UK: Sarah Baingo who was born abt 1801, Warwickshire (Birmingham?), England recorded in the 1841 England Census and, Edmund Baingo who got married in Jul 1950 in Petersfield, England.
  • Adventurers: Juergen Baingo thought the surname Baingo orginated from Romani - perhaps as their surname is so rare and they seemed to venture to new countries?

Baingo - in Slovakian and Hungarian, a meaning for "Bana" = mountain, mining (from U. Baingo).

Polish bańka: - a tin dish for liquids | coll. soap bubble | a glass spherical object | a spherical-shaped glass vessel attached to the skin for therapeutic purposes, used in traditional medicine | reg. (Krakow) gw. (Cieszyn Silesia) reg. (Kresy) Christmas tree bauble. As a surname Banka appears as a Polish (Banka), Slovak (also Banka) and Hungarian (Bánka): a nickname for a short fat man, from banka 'bulb'.

If you know the origin of the surname Baingo, please contact me via likendin


Bankow / Bańgów / (German) Baingow, Siemianowice Śląskie, Poland

Bankow / Bańgów (German Baingow), Siemianowice Śląskie, Poland

Baingow is a district of Siemianowice Śląskie, in Poland, bordering Piekary Śląskie and Czeladź. It has been presumed, the name of the town comes from its founder named Bańka. The first reference to Bańgów / Baingow dates back to 1596. Apparently, in 1780, Bańgów was a tiny settlement with only 7 houses and 42 inhabitants. Initially, the settlement was spelled in two ways: Bańgów and Bańków (according to Ludwik Musioł, the latter (Bańków) was still in use until 1813). During the German Empire it was renamed to Baingow. Why do I think my grandfather's (Erwin Baingo) surname orginates from the village of Bankow/ Bańgów / Baingow?

  • It has been presumed, the name of the town Bańgów / Bańków / Baingow comes from its founder named Bańka
  • 1871 - Silesia became part of the German Empire so during this time the town Bańgów / Bańków was renamed to Baingow.
  • Ferdinand Baingo (Erwin Baingo's Great great grandfather) birth certificate (1825) indicates his surname was Banka as was his father's surname Banka
  • At some stage (before 1882) Ferdinand changed his surname, indicated by a newspaper ad, as did his siblings from Banka to Baingo
  • Banka is quite a known surname in Poland compared to Baingo... so why would Ferdinand not keep his orginal surname of Banka?
  • Both Mummy and another Baingo (who Mummy had not been in contact with) thought the Baingo's surname were connected to the village of Baingow in Silesia, Poland.

Chirocrinus baingowardi sp. nov.

Late 2010 > just before mummy died...
A fossil crinoid: Chirocrinus baingowardi sp. nov. was named and described by Prof. Dr. S.K Donovan, in a lovely monograph. This ancient Silurian sea lily (crinoid), housed now in The British Natural History Museum was... discovered by me :) and named after both my lovely and heart brokenly missed mummy, but also after her, daddy, Erwin Baingo.

This new species of Silurian Crinoid was found in small quary called Rough Neuk Quarry, Girvan, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Thank you so much Prof. Dr. Steve Donovan for that lovely chat in a South Ken cappuccio bar and your instinct that my treasured wee slick gem that I had found so many years back, was indeed a new species of crinoid and I could honour both mummy (and she knew before...) and my Großvater.


A Brief History of Silesia

  • 1st century - first recorded Germanic Lugii tribes in Silesia.
  • 4th century - Celts entered Silesia, from the south, through the Klodzko Valley, and settled around Mount Sleza near modern Wroclaw, Olawa and Strzelin.
  • 7th century - Slavic peoples arrived in the region. The first known states in Silesia were Greater Moravia and Bohemia.
  • 10th century - the Polish ruler Mieszko I of the Piast dynasty incorporated Silesia into the Polish state.
  • 1138 - During the Fragmentation of Poland, Silesia and the rest of the country were divided among many independent duchies ruled by various Silesian dukes. During this time, German cultural and ethnic influence increased as a result of immigration from German-speaking parts of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • 1178 - parts of the Duchy of Kraków around Bytom, Oswiecim, Chrzanów, and Siewierz were transferred to the Silesian Piasts.
  • 1289 - 1292 Bohemian king Wenceslaus II became suzerain (sovereign) of some of the Upper Silesian duchies.
  • 1526 - The province became part of the Bohemian Crown under the Holy Roman Empire, and passed with that crown to the Habsburg Monarchy of Austria.
  • 15th century - several changes were made to Silesia's borders - Parts of the territories which had been transferred to the Silesian Piasts in 1178 were bought by the Polish kings.
  • 1742 - in the War of the Austrian Succession, most of Silesia was seized by King Frederick the Great of Prussia.
  • 1815 - Silesia was named the Prussian Province of Silesia.
  • 1871 - Silesia became part of the German Empire.
  • 1918 - After the German Revolution of 1918, Wilhelm II abdicated as German Emperor and King of Prussia. Prussia was proclaimed a "Free State" (i.e. a republic, German: Freistaat) within the new Weimar Republic.
  • After World War I - part of Silesia, Upper Silesia, was contested by Germany and the newly independent Second Polish Republic.
  • 1921 - Following the third Silesian Uprising (1921), the easternmost portion of Upper Silesia (including Katowice), with a majority ethnic Polish population, was awarded to Poland, becoming the Silesian Voivodeship. The Prussian Province of Silesia within Germany was then divided into the provinces of Lower Silesia and Upper Silesia.
  • 1939 - Polish Silesia was among the first regions invaded during Germany's 1939 attack on Poland. The Polish and Jewish population of the then Polish part of Silesia was subjected to genocide involving ethnic cleansing and mass murder, while German colonists were settled in pursuit of Lebensraum.

Also see Silesia


Thank You!

Thank you to the countless archives and forums I have contacted and who have tried to help me - especially Axeeeeee rocks who discovered, hugely unexpectedly, that there was... a surname change! No wonder for YEARS and years - I could not go past Ferdinand Baingo

Erwin Baingo

Erwin Baingo

Erwin Baingo

Date of Birth: 20 August 1887
Place of Birth: Rybna, Silesia, German Empire
Occupation: Owner of a Fleischwaren Fabrik
Died: 15th June 1947, Dresden, Germany
Erwin Baingo

Erwin Baingo

Margarete Johanna Erna Volchner - Biango / Christ

Erwin Baingo's Wife

Ursula Augusta Maria Ward (nee Uschi Baingo)

Erwin Baingo's Daughter

Trischi Ward

Erwin Baingo's Granddaughter (Me ;)

Chirocrinus baingowardi sp. nov.

Chirocrinus baingowardi sp. nov.

Hugest Ever Praise & Thanks To:

Mistrz mistrzów Axee Rocks! - The most cleverest, hardworking, charming and enthusiastic ancestry researcher, ever, ever, ever!

I crown him Król polskich badań (King of Polish ancestry seeking) and Król zagadek (King of Puzzles)! Axee has been the only researcher and archivist to connect the sweet Baingo's archived tree and, be open minded to to the possibilty of a name change through time (Carl to Ferdinand's surnames). He is truly a BRILLIANT researcher!

I wished Mummy was alive to find out this amazing research. My Baingo cousins in American and Canadian cousins and I owe him a never ending glass of.. Starka :)