Lesbian Trivia Quiz

Groovers, this is not a "Am I A Lesbian Quiz" nor "What type of lesbian are you, quiz?". This just a playful queer Lesbian trivia quiz. UK's LGBT history month is held annually in February - test your queer trivia knowledge with this fun LGBT+ quiz... did you score?

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Glee - Valerie

Holy Moly - will we also have Youtube country censorship for an innocent slick tune?

Lesbian Quiz

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Lesbian Quizzes

Lesbian Quiz

Search Google for "Lesbian Quiz" - and you get... "Am I Lesbian, Bi Or Straight?" quiz, "What type of lesbian are you?" quiz... "What kind of woman should I date?" quiz. Snoreville city!

In celebration of Lesbian History Month, groovers, this lezza quiz is a... ... ... a gameful lesbian quiz to test your lesbian & LGBT historical trivia.

Thanks to amazing lesbian trailblazers in history and other slick sapphic pioneers mentioned throughout this site, youngsters are finding it (hopefully) a tad easier to come out. This lesbian quiz is just a dippy quiz to hopefully enlighten you with regard to some trivia you may not have known. Game on! There are anwsers at the end. How much did you score?

Ps Also check out what we were called in the past via a Lesbian / LGBT Terminology Timeline - rather, shocking!