Pioneering & Trailblazing Lesbian Sapphic Sisters Throughout History

Discover some Lesbian pioneers & trailblazers who have contributed outstandingly to the arts, sciences, women's rights ...
Thank you, to the pioneering lesbians through history for their HUGE courage. They shine bright, like a diamond.

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Historical Lesbian Pioneers & Trailblazers

Did you know at one time Lesbians were called... inverts, tribades, uranians... Check out a history of Lesbian terminology. This section covers some truly inspiring Lesbian trailblazers and pioneers throughout history who haven't been mentioned in the other sections and who excelled in: women's rights, science, exploration, business... many of whom changed history! Without question most of them will inspire you but i do cite some perhaps, questionables!

Lesbian Visibility

For sure there are so many unsung / undocumented historical lesbians across THE WORLD we have yet to discover. Way back, they may have to had hid their lives and loves. Not only for Lesbian Visibility Day / Week / Month let's discover more lesbians in history and document them. Please, do come back to see which slick lesbian pioneers I add on page 2

Famous Historical Lesbians: Enheduanna

An Akkadian Poet & The World's First Author Known By Name?

Enheduanna (l. 2285-2250 BC) was an ancient Akkadian princess, a priestess as well as a poet, writer and, is considered as the world's first author known by name.

Ask people who the first lesbian or bisexual female poet was? 10p bet - they will say... "Sappho". BUT 17 centuries prior to Sappho, lived a High Priestess named ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Sappho

An Immortal Greek Poet & Lezza

Yeh, we all know that Sappho (c. 630 – c. 570 BCE) was a Greek poet from the island of Lesbos who was widely regarded as one of the greatest lyric poets of her time and... became the the Goddess for Lesbians. But, for the record....

Sappho wrote love poetry which was written to be sung while accompanied by a lyre (an ancient lute). Most of Sappho's poetry is now lost, and what has survived, is fragmentary; two notable exceptions are... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: St. Hildegard von Bingen

St. Hildegard von Bingen
A German Monophonic Composer

St. Hildegard von Bingen (1098 - 1176 CE) was a German Benedictine abbess (a female superior of a community of nuns) who founded the monasteries of Rupertsberg in 1150 and Eibingen in 1165. St. Hildegard is one of the most renowned composers of sacred monophony.

What is monophony? In music, monophony, consists of a melody sung by a single singer or played by a single instrument player... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Countess Erzsébet Báthory

Countess Erzsébet Báthory
A Hungarian Serial Killer?

According to folklore, Hungarian Countess Erzsébet Báthory (1560 - 1614) was accused of slaying more than... 600 young women inside her lavish castles where she... bathed in their virginal blood to give her eternal youth! A serial killer of 600 - really?

Was she really a maniac murderous or an innocent, incriminated by family and foes? more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Benedetta Carlini

Benedetta Carlini
An Italian Psychic Nun

Benedetta Carlini (1591 – 1661) was a nun who rose to become an Abbess (female superior) of the Convent of the Mother of God, at Pescia, Tuscany, Italy during the Baroque era.

Fameseeker? Benedetta experienced supernatural visitations and went into trances, speaking in the voices of angels! Historically other nuns such as Venerable Ursula Benincasa had also had visions. While Benedetta... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Maud Galt

Maud Galt
A Scottish "Witch" With A Clay Phallus

Maud Galt (c. 1620 – c. 1670) was a Scottish lesbian accused of witchcraft by her maidservant. Maud lived in Kilbarchan, in the west central Lowlands of Scotland with her husband John Dickie, and two servants.

An intriguing case - in September 1649, one of Maud's servants, Agnes Mitchell, lodged a complaint against her employer, Maud Galt, at a Kirk Session when she accused her of... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Sarah White Norman

Sarah White Norman
An English Colonist Tried For "unchaste behaviour"

In 1648, in Plymouth Colony, America, Sarah White Norman (c. 1623 - 1654) and Mary Vincent Hammond (1633 - 1705) were charged with "leude behauior each with other vpon a bed." To date, their trial documents are the only known record of sex between female colonists in North America in the 17th century.

Both Sarah and Mary ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Queen Christina of Sweden

Queen Christina of Sweden
A Lesbian Queen

At The Battle of Lützen in 1632, when her father died , 6-year-old Christina was sworn in as King of Sweden in February of 1633. Her mother ruled on her behalf until she was 18 and during Christina's status as "girl-king" she was educated as a noble young man which gained her the reputation as one of the most highly educated women in Europe during her day. Her refusal to marry resulted in her growing unpopularity among the Swedish people, and... more

Sapphic Poets: Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz
A Revered Mexican Poet

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (1648 - 1695) is considered one of the greatest Mexican poets, an early advocate of women’s rights, and some say, Mexico’s first lesbian feminist writer.

Sor Juana loved learning and when she was 16, she asked for her parents’ permission to disguise herself as a male student in order to attend university, which did not accept women. They refused. Interested not in marriage but ...more

Sapphic Classical Music: Julie d'Aubigny, Mademoiselle Maupin

Julie d'Aubigny, Mademoiselle Maupin
A Swashbuckling French Opera Singer

La Maupin (c. 1670 - 1707) was a cross-dressing bi opera singer and skilled swords-woman who killed at least three men in duels. Touché! Swashbuckling Julie d'Aubigny, aka La Maupin, was a resident opera singer at the Paris Opera and the Opéra du Quai au Foin in Brussels. The role of Clorinde in Tancrède was composed specifically for her contralto range by André Campra, in 1702.

An example of her many shenanigans ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Mary Read

Mary Read
A Swearing 'n Cursing English Pirate

Mary Read aka Mark Read (1685 – 1721) and Anne Bonny are two of the most famous swashbuckling yet ruthless female pirates of all time! Swearing and cursing, they wore billowing jackets, long trousers and handkerchiefs wrapped around their heads, wielding a machete and pistol in either hand.

At a young age Mary's mother disguised her as her dead son, in order to receive financial support from her late husband's mother. ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Anne Bonny

Anne Bonny
A Rascal Irish-American Pirate

Anne Bonny (1697 - 1782) was born in Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland and was the illegitimate daughter of lawyer William Cormac and the family maid Mary Brennan. After his wife left him, over time her father grew so fond of Anne that he moved her into his house.

To avoid scandal, her father dressed her as a boy and introduced her as "Andy", the child of a relative entrusted to his care. When ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: The Ladies of Llangollen

The Ladies of Llangollen
Celebrated Irish Ladies of Independance

The Ladies of Llangollen were Eleanor Butler (1739 – 1828) and Sarah Ponsonby (1755 – 1831) - two very posh Irish women who defiantly escaped to a Welsh Gothic mansion, Plâs Newydd, in Llangollen to live their lives together in sapphic bliss for fifty years.

Eleanor Charlotte Butler was a member of the Butler family, the Earls (and later Dukes) of Ormond while Sarah Ponsonby was a ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Mademoiselle Raucourt (Françoise Saucerotte)

Mademoiselle Raucourt
A Famous French Actress & Priestesses Of...

Mademoiselle (Mlle) Raucourt a.ka. Françoise Marie Antoinette Saucerotte (1756 –1815), was a famous French actress and a priestesses of... the Lodge of Lesbos! Her life spanned the days of Queen Marie Antoinette, the French Revolution, Napoleon's Empire and the Bourbon Restoration.

At the age of 16, Mlle Raucourt made her debut at the Comédie Française (one of the few state theatres in France) as ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Deborah Sampson

Deborah Sampson
American Revolutionary War Soldier

Deborah Sampson (1760 - 1827) disguised herself as a man in order to serve in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.

Was she a lezza? In 1797, Herman Mann with Deborah's cooperation wrote a biographical memoir of her: The Female Review which divulges several references to Deborah's romantic involvement with women during the time she was posing as a man.

Famous Historical Lesbians: Jane Pirie

Jane Pirie
A Scottish Headmistress & Inspiration of "The Children's Hour"

Jane Pirie's court case was the loose inspiration of Lillian Hellman's 1934 play The Children's Hour.

In 1809, Miss Jane Pirie opened a fashionable and respectable girls' school in Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh with her friend and co-founder Miss Marianne Woods (1781–1870). A year later, a 16-year-old pupil, Jane Cumming (who was the illegitimate child of ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Anne Lister

Anne Lister
An English Landowner & Lauded, Coded, Diarist

Anne Lister (1791 – 1840) wrote diaries, which contain over four million words and are written largely in secret code, documenting a lifetime of lesbian relationships.

One sixth of Anne Lister's diaries are encrypted in code which was derived from a combination of algebra and Ancient Greek. It was deciphered by John Lister (a descendant) and his friend Arthur Burrell, in the early 1930s.

Famous Historical Lesbians: Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale
The Founder Of Modern Nursing

Florence Nightingale (1820 - 1910) is considered the founder of modern nursing but was also a social reformer and statistician, pioneering data visualisation by using graphical presentations of statistical data. Don't dis me :) Check out respect to Mary Seacole in my UK Women's Rights Timeline.

Was Florence Nightingale a Friend of Dorothy? Much speculation! She rebuffed at least four proposals and never married. In a memoir she states, "I have lived and slept in the same beds with English Countesses and Prussian farm women. No woman has excited passions among women more than I have".

Famous Historical Lesbians: Frances Harper

Frances Harper
An African-American Abolitionist & "Mother of African American Journalism"

Frances Ellen Watkins Harper (1825 - 1911) was an African-Americans abolitionist, suffragist, social reformer, poet and writer who was one of the first African-American women to be published in the US. Writing for newspapers against slavery she became known as the "Mother of African American Journalism".

Frances was raised by her maternal aunt and uncle, Henrietta and ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Mary Edwards Walker

Dr. Mary Walker
A US Presidential Medal of Honor American Surgeon

Mary Edwards Walker (1832 – 1919) is the only woman and one of only eight civilians to receive the US Presidential Medal of Honor. Dr. Mary Walker was a surgeon (the first female U.S. Army surgeon during the Civil War), prisoner of war, abolitionist and women's suffrage movement advocate.

Mary Walker gained her medical degree at Syracuse Medical College in ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Sophia Louisa Jex-Blake

Sophia Louisa Jex-Blake
An English Doctor Who Founded Two Medical Schools For Women

Sophia Jex-Blake (1840 – 1912) was a trailblazing English physician. Sophia Jex-Blake led the campaign to secure women access to a University education, was the first practising female doctor in Scotland, and third in Britain and who helped found two medical schools for women, in London and Edinburgh at a time when no other medical schools were training women.

While studying at Queen's College ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Mary Benson

Mary Benson
A Queer English Mother

Mary Benson was the wife of Revd. Edward Benson (who rose to become the Archbishop of Canterbury) and was described by Gladstone, the British Prime Minister, as the 'cleverest woman in Europe'. For the Victorian era the Benson family was somewhat queer.

When Mary Sidgwick was 11 years old, Edward Benson aged 23 choose Mary (his second cousin) to become his wife ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Anna Elizabeth Dickinson

Anna Elizabeth Dickinson
An American Charismatic Public Speaker

Anna Elizabeth Dickinson (1842 - 1932) was the first woman to give a political address before the United States Congress. Anna was a charismatic public speaker - an advocate for the abolition of slavery and racial equality and women's rights, who rose to fame during the Civil War.

She was also the first white woman on record to summit Colorado's Gray's Peak, Lincoln Peak, and Elbert Peak (on a mule), and ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Michael Field

Michael Field
English Covert Co-authors

In 1884, The Spectator, a prominent British magazine heralded the arrival of a new literary phenomena: poet and playwright Michael Field with a review of his verse drama Callirrhoe: Fair Rosamund. Indeed there was such a buzz over this work that critics proclaimed Michael Field the next Shakespeare — without any idea of who Michael Field was.

London's artistic circles delighted in ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Jane Ellen Harrison

Jane Ellen Harrison
A British Co-Founder of Modern Studies in Ancient Greek

Jane Harrison (1850 – 1928) was a trailblazing classical scholar and linguist who blazed a trail for women in academia and, is credited with being the first woman to obtain a post in England as a 'career academic'. Moreover, Jane Harrison, with Karl Kerenyi and Walter Burkert, is one of the founders, of ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Sofia Kovalevskaya

Sofia Kovalevskaya
A Pioneering Russian Mathematician

Sofya Kovalevskaya (1850 - 1891) was a pioneering Russian mathematician who made significant contributions to analysis, partial differential equations and mechanics. Moreover, Sofya was the first woman to obtain a doctorate in mathematics, the first woman appointed to a full professorship in northern Europe and one of the first women editors of a scientific journal (Acta Mathematica). ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Elisabeth Marbury

Elisabeth Marbury
A Pioneering American Theatrical & Literary Agent

Elisabeth "Bessie" Marbury (1856 - 1933) was a pioneering American theatrical and literary agent and producer who represented prominent theatrical performers and writers. Moreover, she helped shape business methods of commercial theatre while encouraging women to enter these industries.

Bessie Marbury was raised in the affluent and cultured home of ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Selma Lagerlöf

Selma Lagerlöf
A Swedish Author & The First Woman Nobel Prize for Literature Winner

Ever since she was a child, Selma Lagerlöf (1858-1940) had been writing poetry. She was taught at home in the small family manor house at Mårbacka, Sweden, then trained in Stockholm as a teacher, and in 1885 went to Landskrona as schoolmistress.

In 1890, the Swedish magazine Idun awarded her ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Dr Margaret Todd

Dr Margaret Georgina Todd
A Scottish Doctor Who Coined The Term Isotope

Margaret Georgina Todd was a Scottish doctor and writer who coined the term isotope.

After hearing that the Scottish Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons had opened their exams to women, Margaret became one of the first students at the Edinburgh School of Medicine for Women which had been founded by Dr Sophia Jex-Blake. Though a four-year course, she took eight years to ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Katharine Lee Bates

Katharine Lee Bates
An American Professor Who Wrote "America the Beautiful"

Katharine Bates (1859 - 1929) was an American professor at Wellesley College, Massachusetts and author, known for her anthem "America the Beautiful", but also for her many books and articles on social reform.

Throughout her long career at Wellesley, Katharine shared a house with her "companion" Katharine Coman a social activist and also a professor Wellesley.

Famous Historical Lesbians: Elsie de Wolfe aka Lady Mendl

Elsie de Wolfe
One of the First American Interior Designers

Elsie de Wolfe aka Lady Mendl (1859 - 1950) was one of the first famous interior designers and in 1935, Paris experts named her the best-dressed woman in the world.

Elsie's lifelong companion was pioneering American theatrical and literary agent and producer, Elisabeth Marbury, with whom she lived in New York and Paris.

Famous Historical Lesbians: Bertha Pappenheim

Bertha Pappenheim aka Anna O
An Austrian-Jewish Social Pioneer Who Coined The Term "Talking Cure"

As the founder of the Jewish feminist movement in Germany, Bertha Pappenheim (1859 – 1936), was one of the most famous Jewish women in Europe AND, was the first psychoanalysis patient ever.

Bertha was born in Vienna to a wealthy Jewish family and after receiving a fine education, during which she mastered several languages, she was expected to marry asap when a suitable marriage candidate was found. ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Jane Addams

Jane Addams
American Reformer & The First American Woman Nobel Peace Prize Winner

In 1931, Jane Addams became the first American woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, and is recognised as the founder of the social work profession in the United States.

Jane's first romantic partner was Ellen Starr an American social reformer and then came her life-long partner of over 30 years was a Chicago-born philanthropist Mary Rozet Smith.

Jane Addams (1860 – 1935) - American Suffragette & Reformer

Famous Historical Lesbians: Lizzie Borden

Lizzie Borden
A Controversial American Murderess

Lizzie Borden (1860 – 1927) was acquitted of the axe murders of her father and stepmother in Fall River, Massachusetts in August 4, 1892. Did she do it?

Backstory: Lizzie Andrew Borden was born in Fall River, Massachusetts to wealthy yet frugal businmann Andrew Jackson Borden and Sarah Anthony (née Morse). She had an older sister, Emma Lenora Borden. Three years after the death of Lizzie mother ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Julia Vida Dutton Scudder

Julia Vida Dutton Scudder
An American Professor &... Saint!

Vida Dutton Scudder (1861 – 1954) was an American social reformer, professor, prominent lesbian author and... an officially recognised saint in the Episcopal Church.

Vida was born in Madurai, India to missionary parents in 1861 but a year later her mother brought her back to the family home in Boston when her father ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Winnaretta Singer

Winnaretta Singer
An Esteemed American-French Patron of the Arts

Princesse Edmond de Polignac nee Winnaretta Eugénie Singer was an heir to the Singer sewing machine fortune (her father Isaac Singer had 24 children!) and a Patron of the Arts.

She utilised her funds for to establish a musical salon in the music room of her mansion on Avenue Henri-Martin (today, Avenue Georges-Mandel), Paris, where her protégés included Debussy ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Colette

Iconic French Author & Actress Whose Kiss Caused A French Riot

Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette (1873 - 1954)

Colette grew up in the village of Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye in Burgundy. At the age of 20 Colette married the writer and music critic Henri Gauthier-Villars ("Willy"), who was 15 years her senior and introduced her to the exciting world of Parisian salons where they lived.

On discovering her talent for writing Willy infamously ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Isadora Duncan

Isadora Duncan
"The Mother of Dance"

Isadora Duncan (1877 - 1927) was a famous American dancer known as a great innovator in dance and "The Mother of Dance" who performed throughout Western Europe, the Soviet Union and the Americas.

Isadora Duncan rejected traditional ballet steps to stress improvisation, emotion, and the human form. Thus her dance teaching and performances helped free ballet from its conservative restrictions and was a prelude to... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Sylvia Beach

Sylvia Beach
American Bookseller & Publisher Who Brought Us Ulysses

Sylvia Beach (1887- 1962) was bookseller & publisher who became an important light in the literary life of 1920s Paris when her bookshop was a gathering place for expatriate writers and French authors. Moreover, Sylvia Beach published James Joyce's book, Ulysses (1922)

Sylvia was educated mainly at home in Baltimore, USA. The family moved to Paris in 1901 when her father, a Presbyterian clergyman, served an American church. During WW1 she... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Eileen Gray

Eileen Gray
Designer of the the World's Most Expensive Chair

Today, Eileen Gray (1878 - 1976) is considered a pioneer of the Modernist movement for her bold furniture designs and architecture and being the designer of the the world's most expensive chair - the "Fauteuil aux Dragons".

Though born in Enniscorthy, Ireland, to an aristocratic Irish family, Eileen spent her childhood in London and was one of the first women to ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Ruth Roellig

Ruth Roellig
Controversial German Writer & First Lesbian City Guide Author

Ruth Roellig (1878 – 1969) was a controversial German writer, who is plauded for documenting Berlin's lesbian club scene of the late 1920s Weimar Republic.

At the age of 9, in 1887, her family moved from Schwiebus, Prussia, Germany to Berlin. After school Ruth began writing and at the age of 35, her first book was published in 1913: ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Angelina Weld Grimké

Angelina Weld Grimké
An African-American Writer & Forerunner of the Harlem Renaissance

Angelina Weld Grimké (1880 - 1958) was an American poet, playwright and journalist and an important forerunner of the Harlem Renaissance which spanned the 1920s and was an intellectual revival of African-American art and literature centred in Harlem, NYC.

In 1916, Angelina Weld Grimké three-act play Rachel, became one of the first plays to protest lynching and racial violence, and ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Marion Morgan

Marion Morgan

Marion Morgan was an American choreographer and movie screenwriter. She started out as physical education teacher at the Los Angeles Manual Arts High School. Later Marion was hired as a dance instructor for the summer program at the University of California, Berkeley where she recruited girls for a dance troupe to perform in vaudeville on the Orpheum Circuit.

The Mabel Morgan Dancers ... more

American Choreographer: 1881 – 1971

Famous Historical Lesbians: Mary MacLane

Mary MacLane
Canadian-born American writer & The First To Break The Fourth Wall Onscreen

Mary MacLane (1881 - 1929) was a courageous Canadian-born American writer who was the first actor to break the fourth wall in (silent) movies by addressing the audience directly (like in Fleabag).

Mary was born in Winnipeg, Canada in 1881, but her family moved to Minnesota, USA. She began writing ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Nina Vedeneyeva

Nina Vedeneyeva
A Revered Russian Physicist

Nina Vedeneyeva was a Russian physicist involved in the study of mineral crystals and their coloration. (I studied Geology and Crystallography was my hardest EVER subject!). In 1907, Nina entered the St. Petersburg's Chemical Department of the Bestuzhev Courses (the most prominent women's higher education institution in Imperial Russia), received her degree from the USSR Academy of Sciences (1912) and passed her ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Renée Schwarzenbach-Wille

Renée Schwarzenbach-Wille
Swiss Equestrian & Hitler Fan :(

Renée Schwarzenbach-Wille was an German equestrian sportswoman who competed in main show jumping events in Switzerland and Germany, including the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin.

Her pedigree was top notch - the daughter of Swiss General Ulrich Wille (the Head of the Swiss Army during World War I and son of novelist Eliza Wille) and Countess ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Jane Heap

Jane Heap
An American Publisher & Unsung Literary Hero

Jane Heap (1883 - 1964) was an American publisher and an unsung hero in the development and promotion of literary modernism.

Together with Margaret Anderson, Jane Heap edited the highly acclaimed literary magazine The Little Review, which between 1914 and 1929 published a remarkable collection of some of the era's greatest writers and thinkers. ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Lina Poletti

Lina Poletti
Italian Writer & One of the First Openly Gay Italians

Cordula aka Lina Poletti (1885 - 1971) was an Italian writer, poet and playwright. In the book, Le lesbiche nell'italia del primo Novecento (Lesbians in Italy in the early twentieth century), Lina Poletti is credited with being one of the first women in Italy to openly declare her lesbianism.

After finishing high school in Ravenna, Cordula studied at the University of Bologna where she changed ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Lucy Diggs Slowe

Lucy Diggs Slowe
The First Afro-American Woman Dean of Women At An American University

Lucy Diggs Slowe was an American educator and a woman of an incredible amount of "firsts!"

Lucy was the first female pupil from Baltimore Colored School and the first scholarship recipient from the school to attend Howard University, Washington, D.C (the top historically black college in USA). Just before graduating in 1908 from Howard University she was one of a group of students led by ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Olga Tsuberbiller

Olga Tsuberbiller
Russian Mathematician & High School Textbook Standard Author

Olga Tsuberbiller was a Russian mathematician who wrote the school textbook Problems and Exercises in Analytic Geometry (1927) which is still used as a standard text for in Russian high schools and technical institutions and has been reprinted in Russian more than 35 times and has been translated into Chinese, Czech, German, and Polish.

In 1955, Olga Tsuberbiller was ... more

Famous Historical Lesbians: Margaret C. Anderson

Margaret C. Anderson
Founder of Modernist The Little Review

Margaret C. (Caroline) Anderson (1886 – 1973) was the acclaimed American founder, editor and publisher of the ground breaking art and literary magazine The Little Review which between 1914 and 1929 published a remarkable collection of some of the era's greatest writers and thinkers.

Margaret had a bourgeois upbringing. After graduating from high school in Anderson, Indiana, in 1903, Margaret ... more