First Lesbian Magazines Worldwide

A sketchy history of lesbian magazines worldwide - published in 1924 (Berlin) Die Freundin, is so far, attributed as the First Lesbian Magazine in the world. Die Freundin lesbian magazine was shut down by the Nazis in 1933. Seemingly, 23 years later the second oldest Lesbian magazine Vice Versa (America) was published in 1947.

In 2023, there are still countries (SHAMEFULLY) which do not tolerate the publication of (homosexual /) lesbian magazines. Discover some courageous and trailblazing first Lesbian magazines for their countries, who showed us that we are not alone and we are GOOD 'n COOL.

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Sketchy History of Lesbian Magazines Worldwide

Researching some of the first historical Lesbian magazines across the world has been so HARD as there is so little data. So this page is in progress and will always be skitchy but a firelight :) Please email me, to kindly offer more info / suggestions regarding possibly the first Lesbian magazines across the world - i would like to praise those couragious lesbian magazine editors. And, please come back to see these updates.

Personally, I am so grateful to London's free lesbian (print) magazine G3 (pre-proliferation of free web blogs) to keep me up-to-date as to where to go and cool lesbian issues - i so sought G3 in every London gay bar. Diva magazine, respect but I was an indie / creative slick chick into the likes of legendary The Face magazine. Cosmopolitan / Hello (euch) style magazines (i.e how lesbian are you quizzes / lame lesbian outings & gossip) repelled me. But I do confess, I was too shy to buy pubically Diva magazine in newsagents. It utterly still sucks that for some countries they are still censoring good gay journalistic articles (excluding e.g. gay porn, gay gossip).

Historically, the internet (and fair play WordPress) has HUGELY opened up an amazing opportunity to publish gay and lesbian magazines without needing a publisher. But I SEE lesbian / gay web censorship across countries which is so glaringly obvious in my web traffic stats i.e which countries I see no / so little web traffic from (I try to be a slick SEO), reflecting gay / lesbian content web censorship. ...

Sweeties, seriously, don't you worry - I have no idea (viewing in Google Analytics) who you are apart from city. On my site there is no registration so I am not gathering your email address. I only use GA tracking and, I personally, only look at my web traffic stats to see if it is worth while me paying for the costs of this domain and hosting for this personal project (which is reaping no finacial rewards but is done for L.O.V.E). Though I must confess, I do HUGELY cheer every visitor across the world who has come to the site with the sweet hope, I have maybe have helped / inspired some cool chick :)

For sure, I may have cited some First Lesbian Magazines Worldwide wrong through lack of data. There will have been editors before "Lisa Ben" (1947) who produced and distributed printed lebsian "newsletters" / printed material to be dispersed privately. It is interesting, however, to view these lesbian magazines in a timeline / chronological order and which countries were more liberal.

To be fair, for the history of Lesbian magazine publications, one should consider the history of magazine production. In antiquity, though there may have been published material similar to a magazine earlier, "the magazine" as it is now known, began only after the invention of printing. Perhaps, the earliest magazine appeared in 1663 - the German exciting Erbauliche Monaths-Unterredungen (1663 – 68; "Edifying Monthly Discussions") by Johann Rist, a theologian and poet of Hamburg. And for Lesbian (and Gay) magazines one must also consider homosexuality laws of the times.

Published in 1924, the Berlin Die Freundin, is attributed as the first Lesbian magazine in the world. Die Freundin was shut down by the Nazis in 1933 during their awful clamp down on the 1871 law, Paragraph 175 - a statute of the German criminal code that banned sexual relations between men but would have covered all homosexuality (the Nazis atrocities included murdering homosexuals, Jews, Romani, political victims / resistance...) The second oldest recorded Lesbian magazine, came, seemingly, thirty years later from America, in 1956 - The Ladder. For sure more research will reveal older or comparative lesbian magazines, across the world, but I hope this page is a starting point for further research.

Where I have been unable to suggest a modern lesbian magazine in a particular country, which mostly likely reflects censorship and possible oppression, here are some online (english written) magazines to check out: | | | | | and And if you can't access these online magazines, investigate getting a VPN. VPN stands for "virtual private network" which is a service that trys to protect your internet connection and privacy online. VPNs create encrypted data, to try to protect your online identity by hiding your IP address, and allow you to access the web safely and hopefully undetected to polictally and LGBT censored content. I DO NOT support nor condone using a VPN to surf offensive content.

In 2023, homosexuality is still illegal in some countries - even punishable by death!

Moreover, some countries still have anti-homo propaganda laws which "aim at protecting children from information promoting the denial of traditional family values," and ban the "promotion of non-traditional sexual relations to minors". The uK can't hold it's head high - with section 28 from 1988 to 2000 (in Scotland) and to 2003 (in England and Wales) a local authority "shall not intentionally promote homosexuality or publish material with the intention of promoting homosexuality" or "promote the teaching in any maintained school of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship".

I salute the courageous trailblazing lesbian magazine editors, contributors and publishers across the world.

Ps If you have any info / images regarding the first Lesbian magazines - please do email me.

PPs Check out First Lesbian Clubs and Bars Worldwide or Fancy a queer quiz?

Die Freundin Germany's First Lesbian Magazine - 1924

Die Freundin, Germany

1924 – 1933

Germany's First Lesbian Magazine: Die Freundin

Die Freundin was a popular Weimar (German) lesbian magazine and is possibly the first known lesbian magazine in the world.

Part-educational, part-political - Die Freundin also published short stories and novellas by renowned pioneers of the lesbian movement like Ruth Margarete Roellig, Selli Engler and Lotte Hahm and, ads of lesbian nightspots in Berlin, and personal ads for women to meet other lesbians. Like other other Lesbian and Gay magazines, Die Freundin was shut down in 1933 by The Nazis.

First Chief Editor: Aenne Weber

Publisher: Bund für Menschenrecht (League for Human Rights), Berlin

Modern Lesbian Mag: and

Vice Versa America's First Lesbian Newsletter - 1947

Vice Versa (Newsletter > Magazine), America

1947 – 1948

America's First Lesbian Newsletter: Vice Versa

Between June, 1947, and February, 1948 "Lisa Ben" produced 9 editions of Vice Versa (from 9 - 20 pages). Go girl - Edith Eyde was a young secretary at RKO Studios, Los Angeles, who produced Vice Versa (under pseudonym Lisa Ben) using sheets of carbon paper (10 copies of each edition) on her office typewriter which she distributed privately to her lezza friends in gay bars, who passed them on to their friends.

Vice Versa opened up a forum for lesbians to communicate with each other via readers' letters, personal essays, short fiction and poetry.

Chief Editor: Lisa Ben (pseudonym of Edith Eyde)

Publisher: Lisa Ben, Los Angeles

The Ladder America's First Lesbian Magazine - 1956

The Ladder, America

1956 – 1972

America's First Lesbian Magazine: The Ladder

The Ladder was founded by members of the Daughters of Bilitis (the first US lesbian civil and political rights organisation) who wanted to reach out to women who were isolated by assuring them that they were not alone and, to educate them about legal issues. Each issue was typed out on a typewriter, copied by a mimeograph (duplicating machine), hand stapled and mailed out to friends, subscribers and woman they knew who might be interested. Later, The Ladder became available in newsstands across major American cities.

The Ladder included book reviews, news, poetry, short stories, a bibliography of lesbian literature, readers letters with contributions by attorneys, doctors and psychiatrists.

First Chief Editor: Ann Ferguson (pseudonym of Phyllis Lyon)

Publisher: Daughters of Bilitis, San Francisco

Modern Lesbian Mag:

Arena Three UK's First Lesbian Magazine - 1963

Arena Three, UK

1963 - 1972

UK's First Lesbian Magazine: Arena Three

Founded in 1963, Arena Three, was the first lesbian periodical in the UK which also aimed to communicate with lesbians who felt socially isolation. Arena Three was only available via mail order order / subscription. Due to it being advertised in posh periodicals like the New Statesman, the readership was predominantly middle-class. Moreover, as a consequence of the times, bizarrely, the original founders of Arena Three required married women to obtain written consent from their husbands as part of their subscription requests.

Contributors included Cynthia Reid, Julie Switsur and Patricia Dunckley. By far the most popular section of Arena Three was the letters pages which provided a great forum where women could make contact with other lesbians in their own hometown and around the country.

First Chief Editors: Esme Langley and Diana Chapman

Publisher: Minorities Research Group

Modern Lesbian Mag:

The Australasian Lesbian Movement (A.L.M.) Newsletter Australia's First Lesbian Magazine - 1971

The Australasian Lesbian Movement (A.L.M.) Newsletter, Australia

1971 - 1972

Australia's Lesbian Newsletter: The Australasian Lesbian Movement

Formed at the end of 1969, The Australasian Lesbian Movement (ALM) was Australia's first openly homosexual political group and was the Australian chapter of the American lesbian group, Daughters of Bilitis. They produced a lesbian themed newsletter with poetry, literature and political debates. Few documentation was kept of the A.L.M., after the group folded in 1972.

First Chief Editor: ?

Publisher: The Australasian Lesbian Movement, Melbourne

Modern LGBTQ Mag:

Lesbomonde Canada's First Lesbian Magazine - 1973

Lesbomonde, Canada

1973 – 1974

Canada's First Lesbian Magazine: Lesbomonde

According to wiki, Lesbomonde was Canada's first lesbian magazine

First Chief Editor: ?

Publisher: ?, Montreal

Modern Lesbian Mag:

Subarashii Onnatachi Japan's First Lesbian Magazine - 1976

Subarashii Onnatachi (Wonderful Women), Japan


Japan's First Lesbian Magazine: Subarashii Onnatachi

Subarashii Onnatachi (Wonderful Women) is heralded as the first lesbian feminist mini-komi in Japan. A mini-komi is a phrase in Japanese to refer to a small-scale communication media. It was published by a group of ten woman but was short-lived, lasting only one publication? Subarashii Onnatachi offered women a forum in which to express desires and identities that fell outside of heteronormative societal. Among it's first articles, it presented information from a survey of lesbians that had been recently carried out.

First Chief Editor:

Publisher: ?, Tokyo

Modern Mag: ?

Quand les Femmes s'aiment France's First Lesbian Magazine - 1978

Quand les Femmes s'aiment, France

1978 – 1980

France's First Lesbian Magazine: Quand les Femmes s'aiment

Quand les Femmes s'aiment - can't find any info about it.

First Chief Editor: ?

Publisher: ?

Modern Lesbian Mag:

Chanacomchana Brazil's First Lesbian Magazine - 1979

Chanacomchana, Brazil

1979 – 1987

Brazil's First Lesbian Magazine: Chanacomchana

Chanacomchana was a magazine that circulated until 1987 among lesbian women in São Paulo. Due to the military dictatorship, circulation was difficult and very discreet and even some lesbians were afraid of receiving Chanacomchana as it revealed their sexuality.

In 1983, the owner of Ferro's Bar, a meeting place for lesbian women at the time, banned the circulation of Chanacomchana inside his bar, which resulted in the expulsion of some lesbian women. On August 19, 1983, GALF activists organised a protest that became known as the "Brazilian Stonewall" that was attended by the LGBTQIA+ movement, feminists and political figures. After occupying Ferro's Bar, a lesbian manifesto against censorship, abuse and prejudice they experienced in the place was read out. This date has become a historic landmark in Brazil.

In addition to playing an important role in opposition and resistance to the military dictatorship, Chanacomchana's last editions explored important themes of the time such as the AIDS pandemic and the Amnesty Law. Hugest thanks to's (groovy) Vinicious (rocks) for providing me with this info.

Key Chief Editors: Rosely Roth & Miriam Martinho

Publisher: lesbian wing of the LGBT group Somos, Lesbico-Feminista (LF) and Grupo Ação Lésbica-Feminista (GALF).

Modern LGBTQ+ Mag: SambaZine

On Our Backs America's First Magazine to feature lesbian erotica for a lesbian audience - 1984

On Our Backs (Lesbian Erotica Magazine for Lesbians), America

1984 - 2006

America's First Magazine to feature lesbian erotica for a lesbian audience: On Our Backs

On Our Backs is heralded as being the first pornography magazine for lesbians by lesbians. During the 1980s, On Our Backs charted new territory as this was the times of the feminist sex wars: pornography was harmful to women vs pornography (depending on the context of its production and consumption) could further emancipate and empower women, by granting them control over their sexuality.

In 1985, Sundahl and Nan Kinney produced a series of lesbian erotic videos, called Fatale Video. By the late 1980s, Fatale Media was the largest producer of lesbian pornography in the world!

First Chief Editors: Debi Sundahl and Myrna Elana

Publisher: Blush Productions, San Francisco

Modern Mag: ?

Blackout UK's First Black Lesbian and Gay Magazine - 1986

Blackout, UK

1986 - ?

UK's First Black Gay & Lesbian Magazine: Blackout

Blackout provided a forum for many black gay and lesbian groups who faced homophobia, racism and, for women, sexism in the early 80s.

First Chief Editors: ?

Publisher: ?

Modern LGBTQ+ Podcasts:

BLK America's First Afro-American Gay and Lesbian Magazine - 1988

BLK, America

1988 - 1994

BLK - America's First Afro-American Gay and Lesbian Magazine

BLK aimed to be "a Black magazine for gay people and not a gay magazine about Black people". Launched close to the peak of the AIDS epidemic, BLK became an important source of information about HIV for LGTB Black communities and an advocate for political action.

By its first anniversary, BLK had grown to a 34-page newsmagazine with contributors which included Ayofemi Stowe Folayan, Belinda Rochelle, Revon, Jarvis Moore, Kyle Banneker and Preston Guider. BLK celebrated diverse expressions of Black sexuality from African American porn actor Randy Cochran to queer Black feminist Audre Lorde.

First Chief Editor: Alan Bell

Publisher: Alan Bell, Los Angeles

Modern Black LGBTQ+ Mag:

Legacy – Lesbian Arts Magazine South Africa's First Lesbian Magazine - 1990

Legacy – Lesbian Arts Magazine, South Africa


South Africa's First Lesbian Magazine: Legacy – Lesbian Arts Magazine

Legacy - can't find any info about it :(

First Chief Editor: ?

Publisher: ?

Modern LGBTQ+ Mag:

Klaf Hazak Isreal's First Lesbian Magazine - c. 1990

Klaf Hazak, Isreal

c. 1990

Isreal's First Lesbian Magazine: Klaf Hazak

Klaf Hazak was a lesbian feminist quarterly magazine produced by KLaF/CLAF (Kehila Lesbit Feministit/Community of Lesbian Feminists). Klaf Hazak - can't find any info about it :(

First Chief Editor: ?

Publisher: KLaF/CLAF

Modern LGBTQ+ Mag: ?

Ca la Dona Spain's First Lesbian Magazine - 1993

Ca la Dona, Spain

1993 - to present

Spain's First Magazine: Ca la Dona

Bravo, they are still going and on line too - check out - but they don't mention their magazine!

First Chief Editors: ?

Publisher: ?, Barcelona

Modern Mag: ?

towanda Italy's First Lesbian Magazine - 1994

towanda, Italy

1994 - ?

Italy's First Lesbian Magazine: towanda

towanda! (a qoute from Fried Green Tomatoes?) was an Italian lesbian magazine based in Milan. towanda! was the first lesbian-themed magazine to have an official court registration, the first to aspire to reviews in the traditional press and the first to be distributed in bookstores. Apparently contributors used pseudonyms and the photos depicted of the editors were from behind or with a paper bag on their heads.

Every issue of towanda! had a special topic with an emphasis on lesbian culture and politics, lesbian movement and history, queer politics and theory, women's rights /lgbtq rights, homophobia, etc.

First Chief Editors: ?

Publisher: Il Dito e La Luna Edizioni, Milan

Modern Mag: ?

VolgaVolga Russia's First Lesbian Magazine - 2004

VolgaVolga, Russia


Russia's First Lesbian Magazine: VolgaVolga

The first Russian lesbian magazine is attributed to VolgaVolga but due to Russia's "gay propaganda" law which "aims at protecting children from information promoting the denial of traditional family values," and bans the "promotion of non-traditional sexual relations to minors", it is hard to research any info about this.

VolgaVolga was followed by Pinx (2006 - 2011) and Agens (2003 - ?) which was an independent quarterly described itself as "A Magazine About Women for Women" aiming to reflect lesbian life which did not exclude a dialogue between the readers and the authorities.

First Chief Editors: Stay anonymous

Publisher: Stay anonymous

Modern Mag: None

Les+ China's First Lesbian Magazine - 2005

Les+, China

2005 – 2014

China's First Lesbian Magazine: Les+

Les+ was initiated by two young Chinese lesbians who had met on the Internet. From one of the founders, Jing Zhao: "In the hope of bringing a ray of light to the thick fog of despair that cast over China's lesbian community, I founded the les+ magazine to provide an alternative portrayal of queer lives from a positive perspective". After six years, Les+ paper-based magazine was subscribed in every province of China and abroad.

First Chief Editor: Jing Zhao & ?

Publisher: ?, Beijing

Modern Mag: ?

Bekhsoos Lebanon's / Arabic First Lesbian Magazine - 2008

Bekhsoos, Lebanon

2008 - 2009

Lebanon's / Arabic First Lesbian Magazine: Bekhsoos

In early 2008, Bekhsoos was launched as a quarterly magazine, with huge courage, by members of the Lebanese lesbian group Meem and was billed as the Arab world's first lesbian and bisexual women magazine. Bekhsoos was run by a group of volunteers and became an online magazine where they published weekly articles, stories and testimonials as well as contributions from their readers around the Arab world.

Note - homosexuality is still illegal in all Arab countries and punishable by death in some. Moreover, in some Arab countries e.g. UAE people in the UAE may not be able to see such online content. is no longer live.

First Chief Editors: Stay anonymous

Publisher: Meem

Modern Mag: None?