About The... Webmistress

Hmmmm... I'm a B.E.H.I.N.D-the-scenes typa gal.

Me - capuccio cup has replaced my luck strike cig

Who Am I ;)

1. Am I a... GIRL, friend of Dorothy?

2. Am I a...?
    Three O, SEO
    S.h.i.t.e, A.I

3. Why did I create this sapphic site (during uK Lockdown 2)?
    I wanna be a, lame, Influencer
    I wanna make Bucks (£££)
    I want to inspire

Did you Score ;)


Groover, you Scored out of 3.


Who am I?

1. Yes - I am indeed a, GIRL, friend of Dorothy :) I'm hugely grateful that I grew up in the time of the "Do it yourself" punk and Indie music ethos, and identify as ... Queer (and Gay - as a nod to slick Cole Porter lyrics).

2. I created the site in the hope that it might, genuinely, INSPIRE people across the world and perhaps, help groovers who were understandably anxious regarding coming out. (Mine wasn't too groovy at first, but I do empathise with my slick old-skool, beloved Mummy - she needed a wee bit of time to get-her-head-around my late-night tipsey confession (when I came home after a club nights-out, she LOVED coming down, in her a night slip, with my Dackles (who need to go out to the garden for pee pee)). Pish - I'm not a Dragon's Den entrepreneur. Plus, I hate completely random and irrelevant / targeted (tracking your browsing history) shitey ads on websites. Thus, I make NO Bucks (money) from this site. The site is a true labour of L.O.V.E from which I gain no funding such as ... Veuve Clicquot, GODIVA Chocolate treats ... :).

3. I am, indeed, a ... Three O, SEO (Search Engine Optimiser + old-skool HTML developer):) I have passionately, played on this site often until 3 am (KLF Eternal song / "Three O" = Three o'clock) in the morning, so, please forgive my typos & spelling mistakes. Moreover, please forgive that I'm not a gifted writer - I'm an ex-paleontologist (PhD) but I have a sharp eye for images and crops. BTW - this site is painstakingly HAND coded and, not WordPress - speedy Gonzales page downloads but, UBER painstaking to update :)


About The Site

This Website's Goal = LESBIAN RESPECT, PRIDE & LOVE. This site is a labour of love that I created (and hand-coded in HTML, researched, and written) during UK COVID Furloughs. It was created for lesbians and bi women across the WORLD who are still experiencing homophobia, who may feel sometimes down and or lonely, and to demonstrate to them and hetties that throughout history, lesbians and bi's have importantly contributed to the arts, sciences.

"The tragedy of life is often not in our failure, but rather in our complacency" Benjamin Mays. We should never forget the women who fought for women's rights. Moreover, the struggle continues. Let's work TOGETHER, to help & nurture each other.

Website Caveats + A Sweet Request For Assistance

Though I have mentioned this on other pages, to all visitors to the site, please forgive me, for genuine:

  • Oops Blunders & Errors - I hold my hands-up high in SHAME for any unintentional blunders, mistakes, errors ... Some blunders are due to accidental copy & pastes as this is a hand-coded HTML site while others may be research errors (I collate data from the WWW). I will be truly grateful if you email me, to point out, any errors which I will gladly correct.
    • AM I INCOMPETENT? - One time, I was so, truly, OVER-THE-MOON! Someone emailed me, which is extraordinarily RARE :( With jazz-hands, I restrained myself from running around-my-living-room SHOUTING... HURRAH = a feedback / an acknowledgment of the site and my hard labour on it! Slap my wrist :( I had made a blunder :( She (they), an Associate Professor from a New York private liberal Arts College, pointed out that I had made an error on a quote. GRRR ME!!! I was very grateful for the point-out, however, she (they) asked me ... "Are you incompetent?". Quite frankly, I was taken-a-back on the first reading and, then ... really I ... so LOL.

      I'm proud of my acemdemic achievements: University College London degree, PhD (I have fossil housed in the British Natural History Museum named after my Mother which is a NEW species of a fossilised sea lily (crinoid)) which I discovered, and, A Royal Society Fellowship for post-doctoral research) at Hamburg University.

      Totally, fair play and ashamedly hands-up I made a blunder, but, did that warrant such a RUDE comment? No wonder that I have not promoted this site on social media. Personally, as a former educator (working as a Geological lab & field assistant) and mentor (working as a Manager) would I have said that to anyone? No! I heartfully LOL at the comment and shame that person :)
  • Not Girl Friends of Dorothy - Slap my wrist, if I have unjustly included someone who didn't play on our team. The historical records can be grey at times. Please, do email me.
  • Copywriting / Typos - Slap my wrist :( I am not a natural born writer, nor am I a queen of English grammar and ... ops, I'm the worst proof-reader :(
  • Additions - Please, do email me, if you have suggestions of slick lesbians to add herein. I have already so many to add on to the lesbian trailblazers side BUT to be honest, my disappointment in my writing skills as discouraged me at the moment :(

Please Do Link To The Site

To those that have linked to my site, I give you the hugest hug of thanks to you.

About The Girl

A face to the webmistress? Me ;) Though I'm a brainstormer, instigator & cheerleader, I've always shied away from any limelight & social media selfies. Everyone, has their own right to their privacy / OUTness. During this research, I read a poignant quote:

"I'm out," she once told me. "But I am not out and about it."

Even though, in some fortunate countries homosexuality is no longer illegal - forgive me I'm, still guarded to who I'm OUT to as, even in "swinging London" and these sometimes more liberal uK times, homophobia still exists in the uK.

Sign-Off With Electro Jazz-Hands :)

Way too many slick tunes to choose from, for my sign-off. Though I'm an Indie Kid, yet wanting to sing & dance in my living room to Taylor Swift Shake It Off (R.E.M.I.X)... Signing off to, the slick tune ... Pet Shop Boys > Where The Streets Have No Name - I Can't Take My Eyes Off You.

  • "Keep your chin-up" - As my hero Daddy would say
  • CARPE DIEM! (Seize the DAY!) - Dead Poets Society (movie) quote