Ursula (Uschi) Augusta Maria (nee Baingo) Ward

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> mummy: Ursula Augusta Maria Ward (nee Uschi Baingo)

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> erwin robert baingo > on fb > please help if you can trace my Baingo family history in Katowice?

uschi, uschi, uschi take a bow = for my, adored & hero, mummy: Ursula Augusta Maria Ward (nee Uschi Baingo)

Ursula Augusta Maria Ward (nee Uschi Baingo) Uschi Ward
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Ursula (Uschi) Augusta Maria (nee Baingo) Ward

Born: 28 March 1925, Hamburg, Germany.

Uschi's parents:
Father: Erwin Robert Baingo (born 20 August 1887 in Friedrichshutte, Oberschl. Germany).
Mother: Margarete Johanna Erna Volchner (born 22 October 1903 in Hamburg), divorced in Berlin 5 June 1935 and remarried Gerhard Theodor Otto Christ

Married: Major Albert Ward MBE MM in the Church of Scotland Chapel, Hamburg Germany 21 December 1949

Died: 8 December 2010. Buried in Mortanhall Cemetery, Edinburgh

What I can peice together about my wonderful mummy, Ursula (Uschi) Augusta Maria Ward (nee Baingo):
  • From 1925 > raised in Rellinger Straße, Hamburg

  • 1931 - 1939 > attended Rellinger Straße Volksschule (Rellinger Straße 13, 20257 Hamburg)

  • 1935/1941? > sadly her parents divorced, and she remained with Mutti

  • Early 1940s > she moved to Berlin - i think 28 Belziger str, Schöneberg, Berlin. She gave up her schooling to look after her sick Mother (Mutti) who suffered from very bad rheumatism. With her Jewish boyfriend Lothar Besch, she started pharmaceutical training but decided it was "safer" for them, in the Nazis euphoria, both to study photography.

  • 1943, 28 June > Hans Goldfreund (of Berlin born 23 feb 1896) her jewish friend was deported to Auschwitz and murdered there - she was always haunted about not knowing his fate and later, kindly her sister traced his sad fate, through the wonders of the intenet.

  • 1944 > she was working for the Tobis Filmkunst as a re-toucher and, as a receptionist, as she was "a pretty girl", "THEY" asked her to model, which she accepted at first, but then she realised, the real implications, BUT, NO way, did she wish to become associated with any Nazis "Arian race" propaganda.

    Ironically mourning mummy's death, i watched the history channel, seven to eleven, to see if i could see mummy or daddy, and discovered Albert Göring was technical director of Tobis-Sascha Filmindustrie AG in Vienna and he helped Jews and dissidents survive in Germany in World War II. My greatest regret, i was so utterly stupid not to, gently persist in asking her about her life during the war. As the Nazi anti scepticism deteriorated to critical point, she hid Lothar and his best friend Bubi and his sister, almost getting caught by the gestapo. And, helped her pregnant Mother to get out of Berlin and, back to Hamburg to avoid Hitler's instructions that German pregnant woman in Berlin should be evacuted to the Ost as the Allies were drawing closer to victory.

  • 1945, circa April?, escaped to Bavaria, Hundham, with Lothar (to a relative of his), on one of the very last trains out of Berlin before the Russians entered. Moreover, she had one of the last photographs of Goebbels which she had been retouching but buried them in the Bavarian garden as she was terrified that if she was caught by the allies, particularly the Russians with these photographs she could have suffered severe consequences. i shoot myself for not asking, where (and so many questions), when she was alive - not for money, but only for history.

  • 1945, 8 May > the Allies accepted Germany's surrender

  • July 1945 (circa 25th july) > when it was safe, she made her way back with Lothar, to Mutti in Hamburg. Round about this period she lived at 51 Rellinger Straße D-20257 Hamburg and then moved to 27 Wiessenstrasse where she may have met daddy who charmed her with silk stockings and totally charmed her parents with black market goodies!

  • 1947 > 5th of August - mummy, recieved a telegram from Gerda Baingo indciating that her papa, Erwin Robert Baingo (who had been a Vertretungen fur die Fleischwaren-Industrie in Dresden, Vollsack Straße 3) died. Also found a telephone number for Helga Baingo

  • 1949, 26 Novmber > married daddy (but her Hamburg Heiratsurkunde is dated 21 December 1949). Posted with daddy's regiment The Royal Scots Fusiliers to England. As one of the first German wives in the regiment after a terrible war, the regiment greeted her with incredibly warmth and generosity

  • 1950, 21 Feb > British citzenship (W37761/6651 Nationality Division, Home Office, London)

  • From 1954 > was posted with daddy's regiment The Royal Scots Fusiliers to the Golf Coast (Teshie near Accra), returned to England in 1957

  • From 1959 > daddy became the first quartermaster of The Royal Highland Fusiliers (The regiment was formed on 20 January 1959 by the then amalgamation of The Royal Scots Fusiliers, with The Highland L'ight Infantry). They were posted to Aden (1960), Valetta, Malta (1961 to 62), West Germany (1963 - Islerlohn (47 Rubens Strasse), Berlin 1967 and Hohne 1969). She always said her RHF years were the best years of her life particularly Malta

  • 1968 > we lived at 6 Schirwindter Allee Berlin, and looked after the bestest "batman" > Tommy

  • From 1969 > daddy approaching retirement returned to his roots, Edinburgh - and she was the bestest mummy, one could ever be lucky enough to have had

  • June 2010 > a new species of a fossilised crinoid, which i discovered while undertaking my PhD in Girvan, Ayr, was described kindly by Prof. S.K. Donovan and named afer my wonderful mummy, Uschi Baingo Ward: Chirocrinus Baingowardi species nova and is now stored in the British Natural History Museum

  • postcript > 17th March 2014, looming birthday... these last memories and nightmares, will never fade:

    • 9th November 2010 > admitted after many stints that year in The Royal Infirmary, to Liberton Hospital, Edinburgh ("specialising" in the care/medicine for elderly patients) with poor health, dehydration and exceedingly painful ulcerated and seeping legs. 26th November the psychotherapist/OT, over the telephone @ Edinburgh airport, told me she was planning my Mummy's return home. 2/3 December Mummy deteriorated and developed aspiration pneumonia. i discovered later, during my complaint filed to the NHS Lothian Complaints Team, she was not drinking nor eating (had i know this i would have broken my back to ensure this, as during really bad-health at The Royal Infirmary, i would twice a day cook her meals and entice her to eat). The staff were very sweet, but i still stand strongly with my opinion, that there were not enough staff to cope to ensure that these elderly patient were drinking (hugely important) and eating as i saw how demanding such a Ward can be. And in 2010 this hospital, which was supposed to specialising for the care of the elderly, was hugely deficient in facilities e.g too far for the frail patients to walk to the bathroom, no emotional stimulus, and most importantly... no personal beside pay-as-you-go phone for relatives to keep their loved ones spirits up

    • 3 December 2010 > she was made nil by mouth (i rushed up to the hospital from London that day, on the advice of the very sweet Staff nurse)

    • 5th December 2010 > Mummy's potentially life-saving intravenous antibiotic drip dislodged while she was lying in her bed - she was so weak she was practically motionless and her mouth so painfully dry she could hardly speak but she was begging me to drink and feed her. But under the strictest instructions of the senior Doctor and, regardless of (after my inital shock sink of this notification) my 4 pleas therafter, to the Staff Nurse and Doctors to have the intravenous antibiotic drip, my Mother’s crucial intravenous antibiotic drip was withheld, by not being reinserted, nor was she allowed to drink nor feed. She was put on The Liverpool Care Pathway, which is now being reviewed as "best practice". For further details of the complaint contact The Scottish Public Services Ombudsman. Guttingly, there are no official records of my 4 pleas to have the intravenous antibiotic drip re-instated... but trust me, on this matter, no-way would i lie.

    • 8th December 2010 morning> Ursula Augusta Maria Ward (nee Uschi Baingo), eventually died (still nil by mouth and sometimes in pain - i held her hand, i heard hear faint plea & immediatley beckoned the nurses). Death certificate states... of... "Pneumonia".

    • 8th December 2010.. a second later > disbleief haunted by the way she died and my feeling i let her down... and missed, forever more. A whole in the heart, that can't be never repaired.

    • at the end, my father's eyes were sadly grey and he said he wished to die - we knew this was the time to give-up, and sadly, but kindly, wished for speed.

      but at mummy's end, here eyes were the most beautiful, seemingly, alive vivid blue eyes which I knew her by. She begged, me to drink/eat, which forever more I realise now, she was fighting to live. i can't stop the further haunting... she could have suffered horrendously and fatally for hiding her jewish boyfriend during the nazi regime... circa 66 years later, she was begging to drink and eat, her thraot and lips so painfully dry and, her potentially life-saving medication was denied... painfully, ironic... this was in a British hospital.

      i truly, hope you are never in this situation - but if you are, and you look into their eyes and you feel them alive and they beg you to drink/eat... really question/fight politely the doctor/staff, if your loved one must be nil by mouth and or potentially their life-saving medication be denied

    • i hope, everyone is lucky enough, to have recieved love & admired their Mother (parents) - i loved my mother so much and miss her to my end of days, and, I am so utterly, proud of her (but also my father) coping with atrocious circumstances, which, i humbly have not encountered. And with my last my breathe, i will keep their names/ souls alive

Mummy's favourite:

There is a light that never goes out - i will always miss you, to my last ever, second... of my breath

mega pish! i have had to change mummy's url <uschi ward> because > in g-images search, my utterly sweet mummy, was coming up... beside a very, 6uxom... ultra... Uschi 4ixen! mega pfui, pfui, pfu! with out doubt, she would have, totally giggled - so, bless her, :(

a dedication from the most proudest daughter > trischi ward to my grooviest ever mummy > Ursula Augusta Maria Ward (nee Uschi Baingo) and my father, my silent hero: Major Albert Ward MBE MM of The Royal Highland Fusiliers

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