Why, should StartUps
incorporate SEO in their
wireframes / site?

You're a slick online StartUp with the coolest site,
but, if you haven't implemented/invested in SEO:
holy, moly - how are you going to get visits to your site?
Social media - really?
Pay Per Click - mega, ouch!

  • Stellar
  • SEO/ UX code =
  • Google love
SEO for StartUps - search engine housekeeping

search engine housekeeping

Most search engines are partly bot crawlers - Google's bot considers over 200 factors, which contribute to a page rankings. But now, it also factors human raters! If your site is sloppy with no: fundamental SEO, duplicate or thin page content, has 404s, redirect/daisy chain issues... Google won't L.O.V.E you which, will reflect in you rankings & traffic.

SEO for StartUps - Cost-effective organic search traffic

Cost-effective organic search traffic

Log into your tracker - check out your total and organic search traffic. Now check out Google Adwords and suss out how much it may cost for PPC campaigns. Then check out affiliate site rates. I can imagine... ouch! What if you turn off PPC/affiliates - even more ouch!

SEO for StartUps - search, brand awareness & management

search, brand awareness & management

With good SEO of product landing pages, blog posts and social media, you can extend your online reach so you have various roads driving traffic to your site. Moreover, you can have all your online accounts ranking on the first page for your brand name, eliminating any negative reviews/competitors.

How... can I, as an SEO help your StartUp?

Working, many years, as an in-house SEO and being passionate to excel for each company, I have experience of...

  • Organic SEO

    Implemented kosher, up-to-date SEO techniques and ensured that developers code with search engine friendliness in mind.

  • SEO Trouble Shooting

    I've fire-fought, quite a bit! Google Panda (duplicate/thin content), URL migrations (changes) and re-designs.

  • Mobile SEO

    Advised on "m.[DomainName].com" implementation, implemented User-agent detection on a old-skool site, but, prefer responsive design.

  • SEO Internalisation

    Regionalisation - implemented crawlable, translated URLs and site content.
    Localisation - advised on localised content and social media.

  • E.A.T content

    HUGE advocator of Google's E.A.T content which, relays Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness and adheres to Google's human rater's guidelines.

  • Linkbaiting

    Buying links can get you a Google penguin penalisation. Moreover, most sites are nofollow - so wont pass on link-juice. I am a linkbaiter - create ace content and sites will naturally, link to your site.

  • Social Media

    For new brands (particularly B2B), the uK is hard to gain non growth-hacking followers. But there are some slick tricks for creating a link-wheel, gaining brand awareness and links.

  • ASO (App Store Optimisation)

    For ASO - there are some traditional SEO techniques to be implemented to increase App store rankings.

Am I kosher?
SEO Career Highlights

Caveat: since leaving, some sites are mothbolled (due to acquisitions) while,
for some sites, the SEO > is now, hmmm...
Digital CV summary

SEO for StartUps - SEO Career


Head of SEO, Content & Social Media - Fabacus is a London FashTech StartUp, founded in 2016, whose key investor is Tom Singh (founder of New Look), provides innovative software primarily for fashion & retail businesses, as well as being an incubator for fashion StartUps.

SEO for StartUps - SEO Career


SEO Manager - Privax Ltd (acquired by AVG Technologies, now acquired by Avast) provides online privacy products including a top-rated subscription-based VPN. HMA! was ranked 9th in 2014's The Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 League.

SEO for StartUps - SEO Career


Senior SEO - Hotcourses (being acquired by IDP Education) is the largest UK course search provider, comprising 8 domestic & 20 international sites. Forget it's courses - it has an eCommerce structure - Homepage > category results with refines & filter by > product details

HMTL/Design Career Highlights

SEO for StartUps - HTML/Design

DRAFT London

Digital Project Manager - Draft London (acquired by Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB)) was a prestigious direct/digital marketing agency - Project managed Twinings re-design & Green Tea microsite, Ovaltine updates for a 'Mum-to-be' microsite, Telewest banner and email campaigns.

SEO for StartUps - HTML/Design

Carlton TV

Web Developer/Designer - Carlton Television (acquired by Granada to form ITV) was originally set up by Michael Green's Carlton Communications. Examples of web design + HTML dev. > Mopatop Shop, Peak Practice, Inspector Morse, JohnPilger.com.

SEO for StartUps - HTML/Design


Web Developer/Designer - All-hotels (acquired by Lastminute.com, now Travelocity) was a forerunner, of international hotel directories - a living-room StartUp in Edinburgh.

  • Why SEO StartUps

SEOing for StartUps...

I really, dig SEO.
It, truly, disapponts me when
businesses either don't invest in SEO or,
are ripped off by...
I wish not only to implement successful SEO
mentor my clients, in SEO.
Oops -
i do have a penchant for fashion StartUps.

  • Why me as SEO

Why, choose me, to SEO your StartUp?

Beware of the SEO wolf in sheep's clothing,
who promises you,
they will get you to No.1 for a keyword.

I can't promise to get you No. 1,
but, I will endeavour to,
recommend/implement/instil SEO good practice
to improve your rankings &
help your business grow.

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