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by sushi rider, 12 May 2013

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oh my gosh, sometimes search engine optimisation twists my mellow, man! want to find groovy seo tools all in one place? here are some of my fave seo tools.

though this is a slick list, if you have any suggestions, please comment below and recommend your fav seo tools. if i think it's cool, i shall add it to my groovy seo tools list. but seo groovers, i say ouch to hammer-slammer-spammers and click.. delete :)

my fav 5 seo tools:
  1. adwords

  2. analytics

  3. webmaster tools

  4. spider test

  5. snippet optimiser

but these seo tool teasers are just tasters - check out my other fave 5 seo tools, through the left sub nav.

and not yet in my main nav as this is in development > check out my growing list of wee seo tip gems. if you have any, wee seo tips please do feel free to add yours - one can never have enough of wee tips

go, on and be a sport and reveal your slick seo tool