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> on fb > please help if you can trace my Baingo family history in Katowice?

my birth grandfather: Erwin Robert Baingo, (tracing Baingo family history to Bangów, Siemianowice Slaskie by Katowice, Poland).

baingo bangow bangowska katowice poland Erwin Baingo fleischwaren harvestehude hamburg Erwin Robert Baingo 1908 Erwin Robert Baingo, Uschi Ausgusta Maria Baingo & Gretal Margarete Baingo Uschi Ausgusta Maria Baingo
Erwin Robert Baingo, Uschi Ausgusta Maria Baingo & Gretal Margarete Baingo Erwin Robert Baingo, Uschi Ausgusta Maria Baingo & Gretal Margarete Baingo rwin Robert Baingo, Uschi Ausgusta Maria Baingo Margarete Johanna Erna Biango Erwin Robert Baingo, Uschi Ausgusta Maria Baingo
Erwin Robert Baingo, Uschi Ausgusta Maria Baingo Margarete Johanna Erna Biango Uschi Ausgusta Maria Baingo Margarete Johanna Erna Biango and Uschi Ausgusta Maria Baingo erwin baingo fleischwaren harvestehude hamburg
erwin baingo fleischwaren dresden erwin baingo dresden 1941 grand daugther of erwin baingo Chirocrinus baingowardi species nova - named after my wonderful mother Ursula Maria Augusta Ward (nee Baingo) Former Erwin Robert Baingo fleischwaren Schillerplatz 3, Dresden
erwin baingo fleischmeister wichmann strasse

Erwin Robert Baingo

Born: 20 August 1887 in
Rybne (NOW in the administrative district of Gmina Solina, within Lesko County, Subcarpathian Voivodeship, in south-eastern Poland) - birth certificate (1887)
Standesamt: Piassetzna - on his marriage certificate (to Margarete Johanna Erna Volchner) (1924)
Friedrichshütte, Oberschl. Germany - Germany/Poland - mummy's birth certificate (1925)

Parents: Our beloved Juregen Baingo translated this in Canada (before he died) birth certificate - I think Max Baingo (from (German) Tarnowitz, Slaskie, (Tarnowskie Góry, Silesia - near Katowice) Poland and Maria Baingo (birth name... Patyak - Maria Patyak):

Number # 68
Piassctyna.... this date...22. August... 1887
Before the undersigned person... and know by the same person......... appeared.....the Hotel Owner Max Baingo...
Home Address.... Rybne...
... Catholic ... Religion, and reported that the woman known as...
Maria Baingo birth name Patyak....His wife... Of Catholic...Religion,
Living... with ...Rybne in an Apartment in the district...
on the.. Twenties day of August...of the year...
in.... 8 am.... ..a male child was born with the first names....
Read to agreed to and... undersigned....
Max Baingo...

Siblings: Ernst Baingo, Kläre Baingo (a talented vionalist and whose ring I proudly wear), Curt Baingo & Max Baingo

Married: Margarete Johanna Erna Volchner on the 22 October 1924, in Hamburg, Germany

Daughter: Ursula (Uschi) Augusta Maria Baingo, born on 28 March 1925, in Hamburg

Divorced: 5 June 1935 - my grandmother Margarete Johanna Erna Baingo (nee Volchner).

Remarried: - to Gerda Else ? (so not meant rude i thought Helga Baingo).

Occupation: - Business owner of "Meat Products"

Died: 5th August 1947 in Dresden

Though he was respected by Mummy, sadly I know so hugely very little of my grandfather Erwin Baingo who we are proud of, (and can't find photographs or perhaps can't identify him), and therefore I am trying to trace his family history. So, sadly, doing simple maths (learn from my bitter mistake... talk to your parents, don't loose your treasured blood history!)
  • 1887 > born in Rybne (his Father Max Baingo, seems to have been a Hotel Owner at the time)

  • 1924 > maths indicate he must have been circa 37 when he married Mutti - my grandmother, wow she must have been circa 22!. I think they married in Hamburg

  • 1925 > my Mummy was born - Ursula (Uschi) Augusta Maria Baingo

  • 1924 to circa 1935? > Erwin Baingo ran a FleischwarenFabrik in Hamburg on Harvestehude, Mittelweg 174 (an der Fontenay) (mummy was so proud)

  • 1935 (June) > poor Mummy must have been circa 11 when her parents divorced

  • 1941 > Erwin Robert Baingo was living in Dresden and set up a Dresdner Fleischwaren - u. Salatfabrik, Gross-Fernkuche, Dresden-Blasewitz, Schillerplatz 3, and was living in Vollsackstr. 3, Dresden

  • 1935 - 1945 > Erwin Robert Baingo remarried - Gerda Else ?

  • Feb - 1945 > Erwin Robert Baingo & Gerda Else survived the bombing of Dresden

  • 1947 > 5th of August - I found a telegram for this date, for Mummy from Gerda Else Baingo indicating sadly that Erwin had died. Also found a telephone number for Helga Baingo but i do not know who these people are. I think Gerda Else Baingo was second wife of Erwin?

  • I wish to find out more, i would like to trace back the Baingo family tree and would so hugely appreciate help, please:

    • Baingo family history (what I am slowly learning, but please help):

      • Mummy, told me that apparently his Father (my great grandfather) was from Katowice? (Kattowitz), Poland where apparently there was a small mining village/town called Baingo. Thank you so much to Joanna, of the History Department, of it seems the village was not called baingo but Bangów and the German name was Baingow. Now Bangów belongs to a city called Bangów which is very near to Katowice. Bangów and i have found a map of Siemianowice Slaskie with a street named Bangówska and a building called Bangów SSM Adminitrsacja osiedla

      • I would love to know, more about Erwin Baingo's lineage in Bangów but also ...

      • I would love to know, why the name Bangów evolved to Baingo... perhaps related to his family move to Germany, but why?

  • post...script > late 2010 > just before mummy died... Chirocrinus baingowardi sp. nov. was named, so thankfully by Prof. Dr. S.K Donovan, in a lovely monograph. This ancient sea lily, housed now in the British Natural History Museum was... discovered by me :) and named after both my lovely and heart brokenly missed mummy, but also after her, daddy, Erwin Robert Baingo. thank you so much (Prof. Dr. Steve Donovan) for that lovely chat at south ken cappuccio bar and your instinct that my treasured wee slick gem that i had found so many years back, was indeed a new species and i could honour both mummy (and she knew before...) and my grandfather

Where art thou groovy Baingo's - especially from Bangów, Siemianowice Slaskie, near Katowice, Poland - please do help me trace my Baingo family history, please